Clothes/Articles Your Mom Hates But You love?

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  1. okay, my mom hates certain things and she would never give a single cent to help me buy them haha.. of course now, i usually buy stuff on my own but still my friends crack up when we talk about it:

    Among the things she shudders at the thought of buying are:

    1) distressed anything! she hates them!!! she thinks they look dirty

    2) fake pearls. she would rather give me money for real ones.

    3) plastic bangles

    4) juicy track suits, she would rather buy me terry short shorts or nike dresses for jogging

    5) flip flops. she can't take it how i love them so much!

    hmm... i will come back here.. :smile:

    any of you who experiences something like this? :smile:
  2. my mom hates strapless dresses...well pretty much an dress without sleeves in general. she always gives me a funny look or makes a negative comment when i buy/wear one. but for some reason tank tops don't bother her unless their the yucky spagetti strap ones i stay far away from. go figure.

    she loves color and i can't stand it. she's always buying me these bright teeshirts and thin sweaters in colors like bright green, pink, teal...*crinkles nose* NOT a fan. i usually exchange them for black.

    that's about it though. otherwise we usually agree.
  3. Deconstructed denim...long hems with frayed edges. I love longer hems b/c they make my legs look longer but she doesn't understand...Mom was blessed with a slim build and miles long legs!
  4. 1.Distressed or grungy jeans

    2.Low rise pants

    3.Tight clothes
  5. MY mom hates anything even slightly revealing on me. I dont' know why because she be wearing those types of clothes more than me. :wtf:
  6. anything "unladylike" :biggrin:
  7. oh yeah, my mom hates my junkfood tees. :sad: