Cloth tags

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  1. I bought a DE speedy 30 B today and forgot to check about the cloth tag...When I got home I checked and it has one.....I look at it and there seems to be nothing wrong with it but forgot to ask if there were any without it. Should I return it? Try to exchange for a non-cloth one?or enjoy it?
  2. If it doesn't bother you.. Keep it and enjoy !!
    If you hate it exchange it !
  3. Does it bother you? if it doesn't then just enjoy and love your new speedy!

    Most of my new bags are MIU with cloth tag... its all they have available at the store... I dont mind at all and i love them as much as my MIF & MIS ones. They are the same louis vuitton bags to me.

    Congrats on your new speedy!! :smile:
  4. It's just a tag. Enjoy her!!!
  5. The DE tags are red and they blend right in.
    If you weren't looking you would never see it!
  6. If you don't mind, then keep it. I know the tag would bother my greatly!
  7. Does it bother you? It's hidden and just enjoy her. My DE Speedy B 35 comes with the tag. It does not bother me.
  8. Saw the tag and didn't like it at first but then I realized it's only a tag. If it bothers you then by all means ask for a new bag.
  9. I don't mind the cloth tag at all. Enjoy it! Congrats on your gorgeous Speedy B!!!
  10. Doesn't bother me. If it bothers you, it can't hurt to ask if they have any without.

    I would keep it and enjoy!
  11. I think it comes down to what you yourself is comfortable with. For me the tag is a deal breaker, even if I purchase the bag i would always be bothered by it whenever I see the bag so i would probably be put off in using it. This month I was obsessing over the Galliera but all the ones I saw had the tag. A week ago, my DH surprised me by reserving a MIF one in a store an hour away. Now the bag is extra special to me not only because my DH surprised me with it but because it was harder to find.
    Do you think that over time it the tag wouldn't bother you anymore? If so, then get it, but if it'll always be nagging you in the back of your mind thus interfering with the experience and joy of having and using the bag then I don't think it's worth it. Good luck! :hugs:
  12. Honestly, I'll probably forget it is even there . The only concern I have if it is inferior quality than the MIF or the MIU bags? If not, then no one is really going to know it is there but me.
    What color are the tags in the Galleria? Would it be red or tan like the interior? I purchased that one as well.
  13. Great! Enjoy your new speedy b! :smile:
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    Is there a quality issue with the cloth tag bags? That would be my only concern on the bag.
  15. Don't worry, I really don't believe there's any quality issues with the cloth tags, it's really just preference.