Closures on Gryson Bags?

  1. For anyone that owns a Josey, Taylor, or Moni, are the slider/stud closures on these bags hard to work? I'm contemplating a Josey, but that slider/stud closure looks...well I'm not sure what to make of it. I apologize, this will be my first Gryson, and I am hoping the experts here can enlighten me! Thanks for your help!

  2. Mom2CM3-- I was at NR today (Metro Pointe; the one across the street from South Coast Plaza) and I saw the bag you posted above. They had it in black and navy for, I believe, 184.95! (I got a Skye for that price, too! :biggrin:)

    Speaking of the Skye...Does anyone feel like the zippers on the Skye/Olivia are really tough? I feel like the zippers are soooo difficult to close.. I feel as though I'm going to yank off the zipper pull or break the bag! Anyone else feel the same way?
  3. Mom2CM3, I have a Gryson Jesse, which has the same closure. I find it very easy to use. The only slight difficulty is threading the strap throught the buckle before fastening over the stud. If I'm in a hurry I find myself threading the strap through the top of the buckle only, and bypassing the bottom, going straight for the stud. The bag looks absolutely fine this way. I notice you refer to a "slider". Be aware that the buckle does not slide. It is stationary.
  4. I have a Fall 06 Skye with an easy zipper, but my Fall 07 Elissa does have really tough zippers. I don't think it's going to break at all--these bags are made tough! But yes, I do wish the zipper was smoother.
  5. My Olivia's zippers are also tough - I need two hands to open and close the bag - one to hold the bag, one to pull the zipper! But it's heavy and so well made, I love it. Also the shape is such that I can leave the zipper open and stuff won't fall out, which is nice.
  6. I have a Josey, and I have to say, at first I thought it was pretty difficult to maneuver. Usually, bags don't involve manual labor. But once the slider starts to loosen up (leather-wise) it's pretty easy to pull in and out. I never use the stud closure though. That's just TOO difficult. Otherwise, I love my bag.
  7. Maybe these pics will help you to decide whether or not you want to become one of Josey's pussycats. haha.

  8. I have a Gryson Jasper and find that the zippers are a bit tough. It seems to get easier the more I use the bag. It is so well constructed I am sure it will get better with time. I love this bag. Beware it gets very heavy if you load to much stuff. I love using mines for travel.
  9. The zippers are notoriously tough. Some people have used clear chapstick or beeswax to ease them up a bit, with good success.
  10. Thanks all - I really appreciate the input. I have been wanting to get a Gryson for a while, but wanted to wait until after the holidays. Hopefully I can find a good sale.

    $184 for a Josey!!! Do you suppose that Nordstrom Rack would ship to Northern Cal from Southern Cal??
  11. I find on my Olivia I have less of a problem with the stiffness of the zipper and I'm more bothered by the longer straps getting in the way of the zipper. I do leave the zipper open a lot of the time.
  12. I have a Fall 07 Skye and the zippers are hard to maneuver--impossible one-handed. I've been looking for bees wax as I've heard that works. Where the heck do you find it? Still love the bag, though. The leather smell alone makes me smile! :yes:
  13. Chinsumo - thanks for the pics. That is actually exactly the color I wanted!

    Letsgo - I called up the Nordstrom Rack at Metro Pointe, and asked which Gryson bags they had in stock, and they had ONE - the Jesse in military. I'm not really sure what the color looks like, because I can't really tell whether it's brown or green on my laptop screen, but I snatched it up anyway, since it was such a good deal (about $208 with tax and shipping) and they will be shipping to me!! I couldn't pass it up. And from the SA's description, it sounds like I'll like this military color.

    Thanks again, everyone, for your help. Even though I don't have the Josey, I've got the Jesse, and my first Gryson! Yay! :yahoo:
  14. Same here. What I did with my Skye is I changed the way the longer straps are attached to the bag. I am not sure if the Olivia is made the same way but I kind of re-buckled making the straps only facing outward rather than sideways that can move towards the bag, getting in the way of the opening.