Closure on the Chanel classic medium/large flapbag

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  1. Hello, I just purchased my first chanel classic double flap. I'm find that closing the snap is a bit difficult. Do I really need to constantly snap it shut or just close the "cc"/s. Thanks. By the way, it seems they are making the Flaps in "France" again.
    Gorgeous bag! 0613161529c.jpg
  2. I never use the snap closure. I just use the CC closure and that seems to work just fine
  3. +1
  4. OK thanks, I don't get why the SA said I should:huh:
  5. The snap is always a pain. Never use mine. M/L's are always MIF, Jumbo's seem to be mostly Italy now.
  6. Congratulations! I can only speak for my mom and I, but we never close the button on the second flap of our bags. I agree that it is difficult to close and I don't find that it adds any additional security to the bag vs just using the turn lock :smile:
  7. OK, 2+ "no snap". I was going to get a flap last year in the m/l in the beige claire color and they were being made in Italy.
    I called several stores and made comments about it. Two weeks ago when I was looking for the black the SA's said they were starting to get shipments from France again, and that customers were speaking up about it and they listened.:smile:
  8. thanks thats 3!!
  9. Hmm...interesting. I have never ran across an M/L MII in all this time I've been collecting/on the forum. Although I haven't obviously seen every bag
  10. I was surprised last year too. At LV, I always ask for a MIF, so it naturally came out. SA looked at Manager who kind of rolled her eyes, and that is how I found out about MII on the flap. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, requested the stores for a MIF and they said ok we will specify that, but the one said shipments are once again arriving from France. I don't think it's been more than a few years. Happy ending, I got one.
  11. I've only seen m/l made in France only too. Jumbo's seen made in France and Italy.
  12. I spoke to a long time Chanel employee yesterday. There is no specific models or sizes of Chanel bags being made only in France. They are being made in Italy now too along with Spain. They only use Grade 1 leather so if it is not available in France then they go to Italy. Another factor that determines where they are made is "demand". When it is high, they are made in their factories outside France. Same bag, same quality.:heart:
  13. #13 Jun 19, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2016

    Never use clasp either

    What you said about no bags specifically made in France match to what I've seen in stores

    MII is better quality than MIF from what I've seen in recent seasons. All the MIF m/l, WOCs and minis in last 2 years I've seen were dull & dry.
    Quality of Made in Spain is in between MII and MIF.

    Also this season caviar boys with lots of negative review were MIF. 14B caviar boys with very positive reviews were MII and the ones coming off shipments with dent were MIF

    Is MIF now getting better? It took me 5 MIF m/l flaps to find a good one. U.S. stores have been getting MIF entire time last year for black. Don't know about beige
  14. Thanks,I'm not sure because last year I wanted the beige. I asked for a "fresh" one and they had they had it - its shiny, perfect. I don't know about the Boy's though. Maybe it is hit or miss? I did hear about the puffiness of the lambskin being different but again there are so many rumors floating these days -- too many:hrmm:
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