closing the sides of my neverfull *pics*

  1. thanks to this helpful thread:
    i decided to give it a try to my neverfull gm

    here is my little one, he can't sit up on his own yet. i got the neverfull gm to hold his goods and mine when we go out. very handy!


    side view


    close up of closure and charm.

    i just used earings that i rarely wore and attached them to lobster claw closures i got at a bead store. :biggrin:

    and closeup of my son cuz i am really in love! :love: he is just over 5 months :heart:

  2. owww, your baby is so cute!!!!
  3. Cute! The bag and your son! He's precious!
  4. your son is adorable!
  5. Love the GM...and your son is a cutie patootie!!
  6. Cute baby and a cute way to secure your Neverfull straps. Very ingenius!
  7. Such a gorgeous little boy. What a beauty.
  8. OMG!! your baby is so cute, he has so much hair.
  9. lol yes, he does! i have already given him a few haircuts :biggrin:
  10. Such a cutie pie!! A great idea about the bag!
  11. I didn't see the original thread. Thanks for posting the pics, your charm and your baby are sooo cute. I am getting a Neverfull next week so I am going to try this trick.
  12. yes, it's really handy since the ties won't stay shut on their own.
  13. u r one smart cookie with a super cute boy!
  14. Thanks for the great idea for the Neverfull GM. Your son is adorable!
  15. gorgeous. Thats the pm