Closing paypal account

  1. I was wondering since i had a dispute on my account and paypal sided with me. I was thinking that the buyer may try to claim with her credit card co ... should i close that paypal account would she still be able to get the funds back? or will eBay connect all my paypal accounts with my auctions?

    has anyone done something like this close a paypal account?
  2. According to Paypal's dispute policy if you win a dispute and the buyer does a chargeback they are not supposed to touch your account. I saw it in the help section under chargebacks recently. I think it is part of their seller protection policy.
  3. You will have a difficult time reopening if you close account, think about that!
  4. I agree that if paypal has sided with you in the dispute then dealing with the chargeback is paypal's responsibility and not yours. I don't think they are allowed to take the money from you at that point.