Closing of "Hawaii Meet" Thread on LV subforum

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  1. K.:crybaby:

    I'm totally bummed that Vlad closed the thread with out warning.

    Granted, we don't talk exclusively about a "meet" but i think we have enough impromptu get togethers that it was better to have that thread, than to have us clutter up any of the other subforums with threads saying "meet!" or "what do you think of my new purchase?" or "should i get this?"... or "enable me this" .... without the superfluous "congrats" from 20-odd or more random tPFrs...

    Plus, as the PMs only allow 5 recipients at a time, and there are more than 5 of us that will do meets...., and not everyone can meet at the same time...but it's nice to know that so-and-so will possibly be in the mall at such-and-such a time.

    What difference if it's in one place in the lv sub forum, or in separate threads elsewhere? We mostly discuss LV past, present & future purchases, discuss our LV SAs, enable each other, post pictures of desired items... we don't exclude anyone.

    Can we open up a "Club Hawaii" (similar to Club Bagnshoo?) in the general forum? Would that be more acceptable since we do love to talk about our purses and when we can get together, but also since our thread also digresses to other topics occasionally? And reserve the HI meet, for "formal" HI get-togethers?

    Thanks for your time Vlad, & Mods!
  2. If it was a bandwith issue, does simply closing the thread help? I think most of my post count came from the HI thread, but I'm okay with dropping in post count if there's a place for the HI ladies to go.... I think the other HI women would agree, too. The HI thread was a nice safe place for us HI tPFrs to get feedback and enabling w/o worrying about hurting other tPFrs feelings or worry about being bashed either...
  3. Of course we post about other things --- but we also talk a LOT about bags and clothes. Closing it without warning or an option of somewhere else we can talk? We exclude no one, and other tPFers do drop by from time to time. What gives?
  4. Em! Good to see that you're safe! I was a little worried what with that fire and all....

    But yes... I am going thru withdrawals w/o the HI thread.... I identified as a HI tPFr 1st and foremost...proudly a member of tPF.... but it's a big forum, and I'm still a very junior member.... at least on the HI thread, I'd get immediate feedback, instead of seeing a thread I opened in general forums get opened w/no replies...
  5. Since our first scheduled meet we've had a lot of other meets that we planned through the Hawaii Meet thread and it was also a place for new Hawaii TPFers to find other Hawaii TPFers as well as a place for out of towners to drop in to find out where to shop/go when in Hawaii. We entertained posts from people all over the world and showed them a lot of aloha, sharing our shopping secrets with them. Whenever there was something that we saw on TPF that we just had to have we were able to solicit one another's advice in the thread then ask one another who was "in" for a trip to the mall...and I felt safe meeting these "strangers" at the Mall because I had been able to get to know them very well through chatting in the Hawaii Meet thread.

    I know that there are other chat threads located elsewhere in the Forum so I would like to know where we would be able to move our thread to. Thanks!
  6. If it's a problem with bandwidth could you delete the whole thread instead of having it shown as locked? It's as if we did something wrong. Whatever pics some members had in there with purchases was also posted on Designer forums so it won't be a loss to tpf. Thanks to the forum I've met the best bunch of tpf'ers. I'll miss chatting and obsessing over the next purchase with them every night :crybaby:
  7. The thread was off topic guys :yes:

    It was supposed to just be a Hawaii meet up thread- but it really was way off and it doesn't make sense to let that stay open.

    I will see what the LV mods and Vlad think can be a good option instead. But this thread was way off track :yes:
  8. :shame: I don't understand. . . .
    what do you guys mean you need a HI specific thread like Club Bagsnshoo?
    Like a thread for only HI residents to chat?

    :shame: sorry, I'm trying to understand!
  9. um, me neither.
    you are members of the purse forum not the HI forum. why would you only want to post things in there instead of sharing with everyone?
    kinda eats away at our community spirit.
    our leeds meet thread has gone off topic once or twice but its all about our meet and we still post other things and other threads.
  10. The Hawaii Thread was public... anyone could read what we wrote, and thus it was "shared with everyone." We've had non-Hawaiian visitors drop by from time to time. We always welcomed them and encouraged them to come to Hawaii to participate in our meets.

    We all post in other threads as well. We aren't (weren't, I guess, now) Hawaii thread hermits.

    Couldn't this have been addressed earlier? As the post count of the thread increased by the thousands, couldn't we have gotten a warning to get back on "topic"? I certainly realize why our thread was UNSTICKIED a while back (as we didn't have a concrete date set for our next meet at that time).
  11. Megs and I have been discussing to add regional forums, how would that be?
  12. I was just thinking about it! That's a wonderful idea!!
  13. just my opinion, but I don't see a need for regional forums personally. I doubt I'd participate:shrugs:
    I think we're already getting spread a little thin sometimes.
  14. wait, as a compromise, what about ONE Forum w/ regional threads?
  15. I don't see the point in regional forums it would be so many different areas but I do think it's a good idea to have a general chit chat thread in each section the bags forums tend to a tight knit group and sometimes it nice to chat to the people you know about topic other than the latest bag.

    Lots of people don't venture out of the bag forums so when you want an opinion (on something other than a bag) having it in GD or else where isn't always the best option.

    I think it will also help with the really shot but easily answered random questions I hope that make sense I'm no shimma LOL