Closing a PM agenda?

  1. I've recently gotten a PM agenda with the little loops on the outside to hold a pen and close it. At the time, I didn't get the pen because I found it was needlessly expensive (and not that pretty).

    Does anyone have the tiny pen? What is it like? If you don't have it, what to you use to keep it closed?

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. has some smaller, thinner pens. Also, someone on the Louis Vuitton forum posted this one:
  3. Any photos?
  4. ]

    Tammy thanks for the photo -- do you know if the pen you linked fits the loop on an Hermes agenda? In other words, do all agenda use some standard sized pen loops?

    I actually bought the original Hermes pen (for like an extra couple of hundred dollars, I think!) for my agenda. Based on my limited knowledge of pen loops for agenda, it appears Hermes has a bit of a different pen/pen loop designs than others. The pen cap for the Hermes agenda (at least the one I have) is designed to stay inside the loop. So when you need to use the pen, you take out the pen from the pen cap (and the pen cap always stays in the loop)

    Of course knowing me, there is a good chance that I will lose the pen portion and would love to know if there is a cheaper alternative.
  5. I don't have a picture yet but it's the same model as this one:

    My colour is pale aqua (light bleuish green). I picked it to coordinate with my Smythson aqua cardholder. The leather is soft and yummy!

    This is my cardholder:

    The cardholder and the PM Hermes agenda are lighter and greener than this picture.

    I'll post real pictures soon.

    Thanks Tammy but that's too long. My agenda is a PM so it's a tiny lil thing. Currently, I keep it closed with a by Terry pick, which is used to push the glosses out of their Objet de Beauté compacts.
  6. I don't have the type of agenda with the leather loops on the outside. I have the mini Ulysee. I just put my pen inside, attached to the spiral ring part. I just posted a couple of other small pens in a post to Perja. Check those out too to see if they'll work for you.
  7. I have the agenda with the loops on the outside, I didn't buy the pen and instead bought the Hermes pencil, it's silver, that's why it's expensive. I really like it.
  8. Now I have one! It's much more green in person. I think it's because of the leather of the couch.