closeup photo of cherry monogram bags

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    Hihi does anyone have a closeup photo of cherry monogram speedy, or any cherry monogram stuff?

    I know it is a past limited edition bag.. it is just that last week i saw someone carrying the speedy.. and i suddenly fell in love with it.

    I saw one at a secondhand shop over the weekend.. and i am still thinking if i should buy it. If anyone has a picture of the cherry monogram, can i have it please?

    Cos the cherries on the 2ndhand bag i saw are red with a pinkish hue.. i can't remember if the authethic ones is of the same colour. I don't want to be hoodwinked by the shop.. i have heard stories of secondhand fakes being passed off as 2ndhand genuines..

    Your help is appreciated

    Many thanks
  2. Well the cherries do have a bit of a lighter tone to the tops of them as the light was bouncing off of them.
    However you should also look at the heat stamping on the leaf and the shape, as well as the shape of the leaf on the zipper. Also, look at the date code. I think if you do an eBay search for the cerises speedy, you'll find some pictures to help you.
  3. Try the cerise club, probably lots of good pics there.
  4. Cerises Speedy:

    Cerises Pochette:

    Cerises Sac Plat:
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  6. john, do you have a cot set up in the back of this website? you must sleep here! i swear you are on 24 hours a day helping every little lost soul that wanders in here! you're like a fashionable library! you are one beyond handy guy!
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  8. lol. I just love LV and posting pics... that and authenticating. :love: