Closet with rolling clothes rack.

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  1. Hi all,

    My dh is finally agree to convert our office into walk-in closet; however, I want to make it like a boutique. The room is very big, it's second biggest room in the house. I am thinking to have two rolling clothes rack in it. I am in Seattle, so majority of my clothes is winter and lots jacket.

    Any of you have closet that has rolling clothes rack in it? Could please you post pics? Thanks,
  2. I have a rolling clothes rack and I like it a lot. I had to keep it in my bedroom because my closet was so small but it was great to have. Now that I'm living in a studio apartment I have taken it apart and put it in storage but they are really fun to have!
  3. I don't have an armoire for my clothes as I couldn't find the perfect one (most houses here don't have walk-in closets or built-in armoires). Instead, I opted for these double-decker hanging racks lol! I don't worry about dust as I wear most of my clothes and, of course, clean them afterwards lol! Also, my room is not dusty.


  4. La Van, my DH is in love with your clothes' room he want's one for himself. Without the red walls and girly curtains of course. It is his ideal. Only DH has X4 your clothes... :shame:

    I like rolling racks, as you can move them around, and you get to see all your clothes. Obviously one needs some extra space for these, but they are so practical. I should buy one for the foyer, because we have nowhere to hang our coats and jackets when we come in the apt, we usually hang them behind our bedroom door which is silly.
  5. ^ Thanks! LOL! Wow, your DH has A LOT of clothes!!!!!!!! I actually need to start changing my wardrobe from S/S to A/W. Most of my coats are hanging in the cellar (also on a clothe's rack) because I have nowhere to put them in my room LOL!
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    His clothes are my curse, right now he has taken over 3 build in closets (after donating a lot of stuff), and he still complains:shrugs:. I probably have 1/3 of what you have, so imagine my frustration...
    My closet is like that
    plus 3 selves for sweaters, tees, jeans and 1 drawer for underwear... Should I be angry?
  7. i store my herve leger dresses on a rolling clothes rack in a curtained alcove for easy access during my weekend party preparations (^(oo)^)


  8. I love this! I have been on the fence for a while trying to decide how to design my closet. I too am converting the spare bedroom and am unsure I want to bolt poles to the wall. If I decide to sell my home I don't want to have to list it as -1 bedroom because it would require a buyer to do too much to convert back to a bedroom. This idea is really a perfect solution for me! Also I already have 2 of those double pole racks stored in my basement. Thanks for posting :biggrin:
  9. ^^ for easy fixing, you should look into Elfa Systems. They only require screws along the seam of the wall between the ceiling and the wall. Minimal damage, just a little spackle. All shelving and other components hang from that one strip.

    La Vanguardia - I love your closet!
  10. That's also a very nice option! Thanks DC!
  11. I have rolling racks in my closet (a room I converted) I was going to have someone come in and install a closet system, but I am constantly moving things around and and I'll get bored rather quickly. Not too long ago, I rearranged the rolling racks and they now work better in the space.

  12. me too! :P especially in that room!
  13. lily - Should I come over and clear out your DH's closet as your things look kind of cramped in there? LOL! The man does love his clothes eh.

    DC-Cutie - Thank you!

    Fabulousity - Thanks! One thing why I also decided to use clothes racks was that I'm unsure about a built-in closet. I might like where I put it now, but might change my mind later. With my rolling racks, it's easy to move them around and no drilling needed. I was glad to find a double-decker one with adjustable poles so I can hang more clothes.
  14. Congrats on your new closet! I can't wait to see photos!

    DH and I recently converted the large sitting room in our master suite into a boutique-style walk-in closet for me. We started the process ourselves and then had a contractor come in to finish it. I have one rolling rack that I bought when a local clothing store went out of business. I use it to hang my coats/jackets, formal dresses/gowns, as well as my outfits for the week.
  15. What is the length for your rack? Are they sturdy? May I ask where did yours at?

    Your closet color theme is very powerful color. It's very gravitating, energetic, and lively. I am studying color for my closet room.