Closet Gallery

  1. I noticed that people were posting pictures of their outfits so I thought why not closets? I bet that some people on here have amazing closets & I think we would all love to see them!
  2. I love closet shots!!!
  3. Me too! I can't wait to see some of these people's closets! :yes:
  4. Ohh yes!! Great idea. I love seeing how people organize their closets!
  5. This thread would be a lot better if someone posted pictures, lol. I would post some of mine but it is a huge mess. I keep planning to clean it out one weekend & but I always put it
  6. Bump. I would love to see this as well, especially to get some ideas in organizing.
  7. Great idea i l:heart:ve closet shots.
  8. Here is one of mine's... this is the one in my room at home. It extends behind the walls, it's literally a whole wall of my room!

    I also took over the closet in the guest room and the cupboard in my parent's room (for my purses). I want a walk-in SO bad!!! Actually, I need a walk-in, haha!

  9. i'll be home on Sunday so I can post pictures of my walk in then.. Right now, when I stay at my bf's I only have a wardrobe.
  10. You have to excuse the mess in my closet. It is also very small since I'm staying in an apartment right now. Me and my husband share a closet so it's very crowded. I need a walk in closet since the rest of my pieces are in drawers.:yes:
    S6000220.JPG S6000219.JPG S6000218.JPG
  11. my thread got bumped.. lol I forgot all about this thread.
    Thanks to mellow_yellow_jen and remonb for posting.
    I can't wait to see mrsjimmyh's closet!
  12. ^^ Don't get your hopes too high! My closet isn't filled with designer goodies. :P Anyways, here's a pix of the wardrobe that I use at my bf's house. It's fairly empty as I always go to my mom's to pick up clothes and I usually just keep clothes that I'm going to use for the week at my bf's.
    wardrobe 001.jpg wardrobe 003.jpg
  13. Here are a few pics of mine. I'm a neat freak, so this is kinda messy to me :smile: more handbags and coats (I love coats and jackets) are in another closet...
  14. I like your denim LV! Your closet is neater than mine lol.
  15. Kinda messy.. ? I'm curious as to what you consider very neat lol!
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