Closet emergency

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  1. I have over a hundred pairs of shoes, every which one I absolutely ADORE. Yet when I went through my closet, I found about thirty pairs I have never worn, yet they are the ones I love the most! Does anyone have any advice on which ones to keep and which ones to consign? I love them so much but I don't have anymore room in my closet!!! And the problem is I keep buying more! Anyone have the same problem?:confused1:
  2. What shoes do you not wear?

    I tend not to buy expensive shoes that I will never wear, unless they are on sale for a good price ;), but if they aren't I don't see the point of buying them.
  3. i've noticed that the i keep many of my "older" shoes (like from mid 90s to early 2000), even though i may have only worn them less than 5x, i still hold on to them, because i'm thinking, they're so new, and it'd be a shame to discard them...

    anyways, i'd have to eventually give them away so that i can make room for new shoes, which i'm always just have to try each pair on, and if it's still comfortable, and still fits your lifestyle, and you try wearing them once next week, and you still love them, then they are keepers. if they hurt, don't fit your lifestyle, dont go with anything current in your wardrobe, then it's time for you to pass them on to friends, family or the consignment shop.