Closet Analysis: What one woman's wardrobe is really worth

  1. I just read a really neat article in the New York Magazine online about how fashion can be an investment if you own pieces that will appreciate over time.
    It contains several really interesting points
    "Accessories at auction are only just beginning. They must be extraordinary to sell." Clair Watson, Dir. of couture at Doyle New York auction house
    "First, anything bought new immediately drops in value, usually by two thirds. Second, labels matter - but what matter more is getting an instantly recognizable piece from the height of a designer's creative process."
  2. Fun article. I love Pucci, even though I don't wear any.
  3. Intersting article, thanks for posting.
  4. That Is A Great Article....Thank You
  5. Great article!

    :sick: about jumpsuits coming back.
  6. Very interesting article. Thanks for posting.
  7. Gives me more incentive to buy designer clothes! =)