Closest US Chanel Retailer to the Canadian Border?

  1. I absolutely cannot justify buying a Chanel in Canada because the difference in price would be absolutely stupid. The price would be the same as me flying to new york and buying it there. :rolleyes:

    I'm in Toronto so I usually go over to Buffalo but sometimes the bf and I go to my question is....where is the closest place to the Toronto or Kingston in the US that sells Chanel?

    Hope there's some geographically-savvy girls who can help me. ;)
  2. I go to Toronto all the time (my in laws live there, so I go every 6 weeks or so). My Neiman Marcus is in Troy, Michigan which is about 25 minutes North of the Windsor/Detroit tunnel. It is a 3.5 hour drive from Toronto to Detroit on the 401! And it is an easy drive! If you need any help or anything let me know! I can give you directions and everything!
  3. ^^ I agree! We could do an international GTG :yahoo:
  4. jag Wow, I thought it was more like 6 hours away! That's so good to know! And if there's a Chanel retailer, there must be a retailer for everything else, too. Perfect! Hehehe. Now it's time to try to convince the BF.

    I'm actually kinda serious about the carpooling, though! My friends and I always go to buffalo but I know they wouldn't want to go farther so if any Toronto (or area) girls have access to a car and wanna go, I'd happily pay my share!
  5. ^^ lol i'm dying to head over to the somerset collection and do some shopping there right now! i make a yearly trip or so with my friends and have already done one in may, but with dollar parity! *gasps*
    unfortunately though i don't have a car either :sad:
  6. Yes, Troy is the closest from Toronto! I have gone there to get my first coach & LV (both years ago) and am making a trip there soon to make use of the parity! :drool: I am sure they will have a large influx of Canadian customers in the upcoming weeks!
  7. ^^ It's nice for our Canadian friends to catch a break every now and then! I can't believe how weak the USD is
  8. Watch out for custom gals! I bet they will ask hundreds of questions about how long you stayed in US & how much you spent in US! Have fun shopping though. My closest one will be Boston -> 13 hrs. drive from NS :crybaby:
  9. I'm the customs pro! Lol. Me and my friends go to Buffalo often and we've done some crazy things like wear two pairs of pants. Usually when I know I'm buying expensive things I wear old clothes I don't mind throwing away and just carry a wristlet but half the time they'll let you go even if you say you spent several hundred. Lol.
  10. ^^ lol i do the same thing!
    i cross through sarnia and i find that the customs there are pretty lax.
    my friend last time accidentally said we all spent about 40 bucks (and we gave him receipts worth 60 bucks each) so he was like 'no you didn't spend 40 bucks each' while eyeing my friends brand new LV neverfull (she forgot to put it away)... and he let us go
    the other time we told customs we only went to great lakes crossing (the outlet) and we only gave them receipts where the time was about 11 am and we didn't cross customs till 1 am at night...
  11. Customs is what's preventing me from traveling to the US to buy stuff!! When I was traveling and came back with a ton of LV, I declared about $1400 worth of goods (I was there for 2 months so I had the $750 limit but couldn't lie and say I didn't exceed $750 because I had two brand new LV bags, two brand new accessories and a brand new pair of LV sunnies with me). I was charged $66 customs and duties! Which isn't TOO MUCH but still...!

    Plus, where would I drive to from Calgary?! Doubt there's a Chanel close to the border...
  12. I live in Buffalo now. If any of you need to send something to my apartment, and you can come buffalo to pick it up. I am welling to help. Just dont forget you can always phone order and make them ship to canada.

    BTW, I always go bloor st. for shopping. Theres NO deparment store in Buffalo.:crybaby: