Closely 2nd discontinued addition~!!!!

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  1. Guess what arrived again???

    Coach Tie Dye Clutch in White/Gold (Summer 2006)

    A cute addition to match my
    Coach Tie Dye Denim Satchel!

    which can be viewed here



    tell me if they're a perfect match!

    ...and the quest continues to search for more tie dye items!!! ;)

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  2. gorgeous! work that tie dye, girl!
  3. Wow! Two in a row. It's been a good weekend? :biggrin: So cute and great for the summer! I personally think they would go fine together!
  4. I searched Coach Tie Dye Denim Satchel and it gave me two results. The satchel and a tote. Check it out!
  5. It's lovely. I love how you posted the pics too. :biggrin: :tup:
  6. Congrats, that is gorgeous. Enjoy.
  7. That is one Hot wallet! Congrats!
  8. Nice!!
  9. OooH! They had matching SHOES for that wallet at DSW in warwick, RI last week. They had the same buckle and tye dye fabric.. let me see if I can find a pic
  10. Such a pretty wallet!! Congrats!!

  11. Ok I couldn't find the style number but they were like these: (except in the color of your wallet) .. this is "Malinda"

    Also found the "Simone" style that matches perfectly as well:

    (note I just used these ebay auctions so you could see the pictures)..
  12. Very nice wallet, I love the colours together, white and gold are a fabulous combo!! Congrats!
  13. I love the tie dye wallet -- goes perfect with the denim tie dye satchel! Congrats!
  14. I have the blue tie dye wallet and it goes perfectly with my denim patchwork tote.
  15. Very nice!
    I think it will go with the satchel wonderfully!