closed thread?

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  1. hallo people i guess im still a little lost...what does it mean when the thread is closed? and i wanted to show my small collection but i wasnt sure if i was doing it correctly as our showing collection needs to be approved first. If im unapproved do i get a notice as to why?
  2. When a thread is closed, it means people can't post anything in there anymore.

    Threads are closed because a moderator doesn't like where the thread is going or if it was an offensive thread to begin with.

    A moderator will also close a thread when there's already an open thread about that topic.

    (I don't know about the bag showcase, though!)
  3. It's posted in the Bag Showcase that any threads submitted will have to be approved first by a Moderator.
    I personally only check in there once a day or so.
    But Vlad has listed the rules for Bag Showcase and it clearly states your threads are pending at first:yes:
  4. thanks guys :yes: its good information :biggrin: