Closed stores???

  1. Are stores closed today in Canada?

    My parents and I would love to go shopping and i would like to stop at LV.....but im not sure that the stores are opened,its thanksgiving today?or labor day?

    Thanks :sweatdrop:
  2. They should be opened today. I would try calling the store just incase.
  3. I know here in US its Columbus day and most stores are open but I am not sure about Canada.
  4. Its thanks giving ...nothing should be open!
  5. The Holt Renfrew in edmonton is open from 12-5.
  6. I just called at Rockland Center in Montreal,and it's opened today.
  7. What Holiday is it in Canada??
  8. ^ Thanksgiving.

    Yes stores should be open. All the malls are open, I believe full closure only happens on Christmas Day and New Years Day (I think?)

    Most restaurants are open too...the one I work at is open but thank goodness I don't have to work today.
  9. I love Thanksgiving. I am so full of pumpkin pie hehe