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Nov 6, 2006
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Please post any Tory Burch authenticity questions here!

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Can anyone authenticate these Tory Burch Ballet Flats? I m lemming some big time!

Thanks in advance!! :smile:
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I love this bag and there are two sellers who have it. One's action just ended but he says he has another to list. The bag is from last season so I can't go into a store and check it out.

The first seller says the lining is brown (item#350030721219)

The second seller says the lining is grey (item #250220566813).

Which is the real one?
if you click on the pics of both of these auctions (the pics that show the lining) you see it's like a black/grey washed linen-y material... so i'm assuming whoever said it was brown made a typo.

These both look OK to me.
Hi Purse Experts! I purchased a similar Tory Burch Shoulder bag on eBay. When it arrived, I was convinced it was a fake as it had a strong plastic smell. When I emailed the seller, they were adament that it was real and guarenteed double my money bag if it was a fake. After a few weeks of use it seems to me that it is in fact real. It even smells like leather. Perhaps the original bad smell was from the plastic around the strap? Am I fooling myself? See for yourself...
Ok, so I've been scouring the planet for one of these totes... I was pretty sure I would never find one, but one has shown up on ebay. After careful consideration and comparison, I'm REALLY not convinced of the authenticity..... but I could be wrong.... but my gut is telling me no. Plus, the seller might have great feedback, but all of the item pics she has sold have been deleted - so I can't see anything. :shrugs:




thanks so much
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