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Aug 20, 2011
Currently we have no authenticator, please seek a paid service.

********REMINDER******PLEASE READ*********

In order to avoid forth and back postings, before requesting an authentication, please read post # 2 of this thread (here) for all pictures required for an accurate assessment. Please note that pictures all of the required details need to be of quality: non-angled, crisp and sharp, up close and glare-free. I need to be able to see the detailing and authentications can't be done if pictures are lacking. Also, when posting pictures, pls make sure that they are uploaded straight forward/non-angled, so I won't have to save them on my laptop in order to rotate them to the right angle.

Once you have all the required photos, please post your request in the following template and fill out the following:
- Item name:
- Serial number: (please type out)
- Listing number: (eBay listing #, site listing #, or if applicable)
- Seller: (seller ID)
- Link: (link to the sellers listing in eBay or other selling site. Either active, or expired)
- Comments:

Please note: If your request has no valid link to the listing (that's still active, or has ended) and you already bought/are the owner of the bag, you would need to post a login shot.
Login shot: the bag in front of your device while logged into your tPF account (showing your username). Example here
You can only post a login shot if the item is in your possession.
No login shot is needed if you can provide a valid link.

* I will not do authentications without a without a valid link, or login shot.

* Currently I also don't authenticate items from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, nor do I authenticate RTW and footwear.

* If you need an urgent authentication and time is of the essence, please consider using a paid service.

* Also please limit your request to one item per post.

Thanks all!!
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Jul 8, 2019


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Dec 17, 2020
- Item name: small Chanel classic flap
- Serial number: 17378617
- Listing number: 862LA867
- Seller: Boom2Hanten
- Link: Listing link here
- Comments: I had concerns about stitching in the Mona Lisa pocket (is it normal stitching is on the border? And not sure the diamonds match up on quilting.) and I was also concerned about the stitching on the leather strap. There are visible stitches and the leather pieces are doubled up (I thought it was only one piece for the small/medium). This bag appears to be a 2012 model though so perhaps things have changed. 472132B1-E859-4F68-843C-5D6A73A01E2E.jpeg 4DEFB726-DB7A-4AE2-8386-930A59B6E7D4.png 2BA666FB-EE4E-41B7-BC92-91BAE43E77AA.jpeg 8D81663B-658C-41B2-B45D-A62888DF4268.jpeg 702C8EFD-3A4E-4FE1-9B57-4885F3271A4C.jpeg C9A1EBBF-F14D-419C-B644-5E44DBA2B064.jpeg A884135B-2EC9-4BBA-8D2A-AE1240C2017B.jpeg 97C58019-3351-410E-A033-6836CBDA7406.png 3B7656C6-7379-4ED1-AD5F-E77BC9FE79AC.jpeg
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Dec 25, 2015
Ive been a TPF lurker and have now decided to buy my first preloved Chanel Cerf Executive XL. I wonder if anyone would be able to help:
- Item name: Chanel Cerf Executive XL
- Serial number: 2427308
- Listing number: 12640684
- Seller: vestiaire collective by bagista
- Link: https://www.vestiairecollective.com...ather-executive-chanel-handbag-12640684.shtml
- Comments: I was wondering about the 7 digit hologram which starts with 24- a quick search shows that this means it was made in 1991 to 1994 but when google suggests the cerf/executive tote was released in 2005.

thanks in advance x


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Aug 31, 2013
Please help! I think I just bought a fake
- Item name:mini cambon bowler bag
- Serial number: 10172948
- Listing number: 184623944819
- Seller: aesoccergirl05
- Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/authentic-chanel-handbag-/184623944819
- Comments: the cc on the card is not centered. Their is one 9 stitches per square, and the tab wear the hologram sticker is super thick :sad:


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Dec 26, 2009
Hello, hope you're all safe and well!

So excited to receive my first vintage Chanel classic flap for my birthday.

Please I'd love your thoughts on the authenticity of this bag. TIA :heart:

Item name: Chanel Classic Flap Vintage
Serial number: N/A (pre-serial numbers)
Listing number: e492415569
Seller: hiro_busousensenさん
Link: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e492415569
Comments: My main concern is the female snap button. It doesn't match the rest of the hardware and the engraving is LD instead of Flox or Fioccho.


1) front, back, and side/bottom views of bag



2) CHANEL stamp and MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp (note: in vintage bags, the MADE IN FRANCE/ITALY stamp is directly across the CHANEL stamp on the opposite side). A focused close up photo is required.


3) back side of the CC turnknob showing the 2 screws and CHANEL/PARIS engraving. A focused close up photo is required.


4) engraving on the interior zipper head and hanging ornament, if applicable. A focused close up photo is required.


5) engraving on snap button
6) stitched CC logo, if applicable


7) hologram sticker. A focused close up photo is required. (N/A — pre-hologram vintage)
8) number side of authenticity card, if still available
(N/A — pre-authentication card vintage)

Thanks so much in advance. :love::heart:


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