close up with Dentelle and Denim patchwork photos

  1. I like the Dentelle line.. it is so cute and more details.
    not only screeen the flower print on the bag but also stiching in flower.

    u can take a look from pics. I think it is very clear ...

    and Denim pacthwork.. I say NO when first saw
    but now i like it in jeans color.
    and it is so cute in the back..
    DSC08532.jpg DSC08530.jpg DSC08531.jpg DSC08529.jpg
  2. Denim Front and back
    DSC08527.jpg DSC08528.jpg
  3. Aaaw, I really like the Dentelle Speedy and BH... but the Patchwork is horrible, sorry :shame:
    Mariangelwalk, thanks for sharing!
  4. I like the Dantelle, but the patchwork is just not for me at all. :sad:
  5. I say it once, I'll say it again... The Denim Patchwork still looks like a car accident casualty.... >.< But then again, I'll prob eat my words when I see it IRL... :lol:
  6. I love the dentelle speedy, i love it more then the other bags, i am also just not a fan of the patchwork denim i just dont get it.

    I am a true mono fan through and through. :yes::yes::yes:
  7. Dentelle turns out to be really cute. Looks like there will be prints and stitching. Still reminds me of KENZO and would probably go well with KENZO clothes. :heart:
  8. omg, I really, really like the Dentelle speedy! It's gorgeous, the ones in the pics are the silver right? I bet it's just absolutely gorgeous in gold!!

    speedy or pochette....
  9. :throwup: for the patchwork!!!
    but the dentelle wallet is TDF, anyone know the prices for the wallets? not too keen on the bags, think they might age too quickly!:oh:
  10. i don't know what happened, but i actually really like the look of the Denim Patchwork Speedy! the regular Dentelles (these ones without the chains) are very nice too :yes:
  11. thanks for posting those photos!
  12. The Dentelle is gorgeous, but really have to see it irl to judge. Still wanting the Kirsten in gold.
  13. hey CC, are you waitlisted for anything else at Collins St?
  14. Beautiful! Thank you for posting the pictures!
  15. No, my SA called me today and I asked her about some of the other lines, and she said she doesn't know much else. Sigh... Are you waitlisted for anything yourself, D?