close up pic of dentelle show bag

  1. got this from
    what do you think about these bags??:heart:
    pochette dentellle.jpg vuitton show bag1.jpg
  2. Not a fan of Dentelle
  3. Wanted a gold cles from this line, but sadly LV decided not to produce it :sad:
  4. Don't like them. I saw every style in person and they weren't me at all.
  5. really??
  6. My SAs keep telling me it's going to be nice, but I am not loving the photos.
  7. :throwup::shocked:
  8. Not liking this line also.
  9. Not a fan either!
  10. I think they are a little over the top for me. I do love the color of the leather trim though!!
  11. The Speedy is not as gawdy as these...
  12. i like the pochette best. gaudy and tacky= love ... sometimes!
  13. I love the pochette/Kirsten.
  14. I like the ludlow wallet.
  15. I'm on the list for the gold speedy.....only 10 days to go!