Close to Home

  1. anyone watch the show "Close to Home"??

    I missed the first season's finale and I found out that Annabeth's husband was killed.. :wtf:
    Can anyone tell me what happened to him? How did he get killed?

    thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. He was on his way to pick up the baby and was killed in a car accident with a drunk driver.

    Prior to all this, he and Annabeth were discussing how they needed time away together, so he planned a romantic vacation for them. Annabeth found out about the accident when she was at work. She was tellling her co-worker about their upcoming vacation when her boss and the police detective came in to tell her about the accident. They then showed the police detective taking her to the hospital and her crying over her husband.
  3. thank you maxie! :yes:

    aww that's so sad... poor annabeth...
    i think she's gonna hookup with the new DA....
    they've been sorta flirting all season now... :graucho:
  4. yeah, I hated that they killed off her husband. Probably because I remember him when he was on Angel! lol

    Anyway, I think she and the new DA are gonna hook up too. And I'd like to know where he got all his money from. It's kinda sad that they got rid of some of the other characters from last season too. I liked guy that played the DA last year.

    They seem to be getting off to an interesting start this year. I think the most disturbing one so far was the one where the grandparents had their own granddaughters killed so they wouldn't testify against their father for molesting them.:weird:
  5. i know that's crazy! i can't believe how coldhearted those grandparents are...
    they are all blood-related.. how can they be so short-sighted..?