close picture of screws on cherry blossom

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  1. Friday I will pick up a cherry blossom pochette.
    All the pictures look good, only the one with the screw is a bit vague.
    Can someone post a clear close picture of the screw. Then I know for sure what it looks like when I pick it up.
    I take my monogram pochette (I bought it at the lv boutique) with me to compare the heat stamps. And I will post picks of the bag when I have it, to be sure.
    And I have a question about the lining. It is suede, but real suede, does it has a leather smell?
  2. can nobody help me???
    I know that they are the six screw type, but I cannot find a clear picture.
  3. There are tons of pictures of CB items on eBay but here you go, these are screws from the papillon.

    Courtesy of fashionphile


    And no, it's not real suede, it's alcantara and does not smell like leather.
  4. The CBs have 6 point screws like posted above. Sadly, those got faked too. I think once you see and touch it, you will be able to tell if it is authentic or not.
  5. I say take a good look at the cherry blossoms. So far I haven't seen one single fake that can fake the cherry blossoms very well. They all look...odd.