Close picture of LOUIS VUITTON Keepall 45 Bandouillere "football" fall/winter 2010

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2009

    Any though on it ?
  2. That's an interesting quilting style - I think I prefer the Etolie, but I don't think this is aimed at me.
  3. I love it :drool:

    need to definatly get on a waitinglist for that one :P
  4. I love that it's unique and not seen before, I would definitely like it more in an accessory though. Perhaps a zippy wallet or something?
  5. I really like it! I bet that it is going to be expensive though.
  6. It's definitely unique, and I must say I like it a lot more than when I first saw it in the runway photos.
  7. I prefer a regular Keepall, but this one is unique.
  8. I cant see it Its all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!

  9. Me either:cursing:
  10. yeah, the Mod had to edit it out because the member posted a link to their blog. People need to just post the photos instead of trying to increase their blog traffic :idea:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.