close claim bef I return bag?

  1. Some of you may have read the fake Celine Boogie thread I started - some good info there by fellow members so if anyone is thinking about getting a Celine Boogie off eBay - have a look....

    Ok, but now the eBay question - seller agrees to refund.... but says no shipping refund (hm,....) and insists it is an authentic bag. Also, I have opened a claim with paypal, and they would like me to close the claim bef I return the bag.

    I have said that this is a no-go but what do you recommend? Isn't it that the refund would go through paypal? also, this is does not fall under paypal buyer protection as the seller's feedback is sooo low -

    What happens then? As I understand I can only claim then bec I have not received the item??? What about my situation?

    I have a feeling the seller knows that..... I am pretty sure they are quite experienced...
  2. do NOT close the claim until the bag is returned. once its closed you cannot reopen it.
  3. I just talked to paypal - they recommend escalating straight away - i.e. close communication.
    what do you think?
    i just don't want to be sorry......
  4. Once you close the claim the buyer will most likely drag this out for quite some time...something similar happened to me last year with a MJ Stam and I did close the took the threat of legal action through LVMH for the seller to eventually refund me. Very unpleasant. I am sure your seller knows this and, by the way, it definitely sounds like a fake Celine. Did the seller ever tell you specifically where it was purchased? If she does not say a major department store or skirts around the question I am sure she got it from the same "suppliers" the other fake dealers get it from. Stand your ground, do not close case...good luck.
  5. I agree! Don't close the claim until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Otherwise you have no recourse with Paypal.
  6. you need to do what pp says, not the seller. pp is trying to help you and keep you safe and the seller is not.
  7. if you close the claim, you may not ever get yourmoney back! eBay and paypal will step down as mediators and then its just you vs teh other person! you will prob not get anything back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    never close a claim until you are satisfied and the money is back in place! never never never! that is how you get screwed!
  8. I agree, don't close the claim. When you send the bag back, make sure you require signature confirmation so you have proof you sent it.

    If the seller still doesn't refund your money and paypal doesn't back you up, file a dispute with your credit card company to get your money back.
  9. DO NOT CLOSE THE CLAIM but at this point, I would escalate it to dispute status since it sounds like you are still in the informal buyer / seller discussion phase and not getting complete agreement from the seller. Your seller sounds like she is being unreasonable about shipping fees. Paypal will freeze the amount you paid for the bag in the sellers account (if the funds are there) until resolution. My understanding of the process is the refund will be done via PayPal upon the sellers confirmed receipt of the bag. On the down side, it takes an average of 6 weeks for PayPal to resolve these things. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for your responses.

    Actually, paypal told me they would require me to get a certificate of non-authenticity - which is a bit of a pain as I may have to send it to Celine... the only shop that sells Celine around here won't do it....

    on another note: the seller offered a reduction on sale price, so that can't be right......
  11. No no no. Keep the claim open. If you can get a department store that sells Celine bags to give you a letter stating that the purse is fake, you can send that to paypal and they should refund you right away. You don't need to return a counterfeit item so the seller cannot put the fake item up for auction again. You can then send the purse to Celine or whatever for them to investigate and be more aware of the fakes out there.
  12. ^^thanks, hah, exactly my issue!!!!

    I escalated to a claim, and now the seller has offered to refund, after I return but to check first (what, if it is still a fake??) - anyway, I know paypal will want that letter but I am not sure whether I can provide dept store here is not keen to give me a letter... oh well, I may have to hassle them ....

    so, best to stick with paypal, i guess...?? I just worry if they do not refund me in the end....
  13. I hope you paid by credit card. Paypal will take documentation that the bag is fake from virtually anyplace. They're not picky with who writes that letter as long as someone other than yourself does. Try calling around your local stores in the area. They do take mypoupette authentification letters. If the bag is fake you don't need to return the bag to the seller as it is prohibited to sell fake items.