Clorox Wipes!

  1. I bought this LV Vernis wallet and it was extremely dirty inside...:upsidedown: I attempted to clean it and it was sucessful!
    I used these Clorox wipes to clean it and it was a MIRACLE!


    check it out :P





  2. You are brave! I would be petrified to try that! But the results are outstanding! Thanks for the tip!
  3. clorox is bleach, isnt it? what material is the interior made of? I'd be worried about long term damage. on th eother other hand, a lot of the LV girls have has success with alcohol-free baby wipes.
  4. I'm glad that the clorox wipes worked for you, however in future I would check out the pampers baby wipes they would also do an outstanding job.
    I clean all of my purses with them!
  5. Wow, that's amazing. :yes:
  6. It looks like new -- that's great! I would also recommend trying baby wipes first before resorting to the clorox wipes.
  7. lol..i totally ddnt think of baby wipes---thanks!!!

    i will try baby wipes first next time!
  8. The results are amazing...I most admit, I would wory about the bleach factor...I would still wipe with baby wipes (several times) to try and get rid of any bleach residue. I have had good luck with shout wipes, too...when baby wipes, were not quite enough.