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  1. Ok, dh and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now with no success:sad:. Anyhow, I have started seeing a fertility specialist who is trying to help us out a bit. My problem is that I only have a period like every 4 months, so there for I don't ovulate regularly (and I don't have PCOS), so he has started me out on some hormones, for 10 days I take a pill called prometrium (which is progesterone) to induce a period, then on the 3rd day of my cycle I start clomid. This will be my first cycle of Clomid this month, and I was curious if any of you ladies have had any success with this, and if so how long did it take you to concieve.....oh, and did you have like a whole litter of babies?!?! Thank you so much!!

    And good luck to all of those TTC!!!
  2. I don't know anything about Clomid, even my husband is a pharmacist. But I want to say GOOD LUCK!!

    We are trying too.
  3. I have lots of experience w/ this:yes:
    First up, which dosage are you on?
    Did you do a test in office to determine if you're ovulating at all?

    I have other questionsand am happy to answer any:yes: but I'll answer yours first!

    Yes, I've been on it for my only 2 pregnancies, it was the right antedote for us.
    I wasn't ovulating every month, we tested me for that, had DH give a sample and I had a hysterosalpingogram to "clear out the lines".
    I was prescribed 50 mg and got pregnant the first try w/ my DD.

    My "tubes" and HD were all clear BTW ;)

    2nd time around we got back on 50 mg for 5 montsh. I still wasn't pregnant.
    I saw my OB and she said
    "last try, this time I'm adding progesterone suppositories and upping it to 100mg, if you don't get pregnant this time, I don't want to waste one more month of your time, I'll send you to a fertility Specialist."

    We got pregnant that time. With twins!
    Supposedly the increase for multiples only rises by about 7% w/ Clomid, so you won't get a little, although I call mine a litter sometimes because 2 3 yr old boys can get VERY boisterous!

    I don't know if it was the increased dose that made the difference or the progesterone or if it was just going to be our month no matter what:shrugs:

    All I know is I thank God everyday whatever finally worked, worked!:biggrin:
  4. Holly di...good luck hon. I hope w/crossed fingers this all works out for you guys.
  5. Hi, we are also TTC. Have been trying since for around 9 months without success. The thing is I’m very regular. 28-day cycle, every month. My guess is I could be too stressed up and/or not ovulating often enough. Plus my age doesn’t help, I’m 36. The sad part is over the years I’ve kept healthy, exercising regularly and eating right. I’m often told I look young for my age and even my gynae felt I should have no problem conceiving. As age is not on my side, I’m even more anxious to conceive soon.

    My gynae also put me on some tablets (guessing it could be clomid or similar, do not have it with me now) to be taken starting the 2nd day of cycle for 5 days. This is my first cycle on it and today is the 28th day of cycle. Already there are signs of bleeding and cramping. :sad:
  6. Some people cramp and have other side effects, I never noticed one side effect.
  7. I went through infertility treatment too for the last few years. Although many people have great success with clomid, I want on it for a few months with no success at 50mg and than I think at 100mg. I was ovulating with it but only had one pregnancy that ended up being ectopic (they removed one of my fallopian tubes last year).

    I did have some issues with hot flashes at the higher dosage.
  8. My GF took Clomid for 3 months and she is having twins in Nov.
  9. if you're prone to cysts at all, it can be unhealthy. They can really irritate and enlarge cysts on the ovaries, some people's get so big they can feel them.
    I'm not prone to them, but that's why my OB would only do 6 months at a time on it, then make patients take a break from it.

  10. Thank you sooo much for all the helpful information!!!! And to answer your questions I am taking 50mg, and I have had testing to confirm that I was ovulating, vaginal ultrasounds, and an x-ray of my tubes to confirm that they are clear, and DH was cleared of any problems too. So, I guess just time for the waiting game. But, I have never wanted anything so badly in my whole life, but I know the outcome will be well worth the wait!!! Thank you again!!!:heart:
  11. I know how you feel!:yes:
    Relax, it sounds like you guys will conceive soon!

    Are you using a OPK {ovulation predictor kit}?
    I strongly recommend one if you aren't and make sure and stack some pillows under your hoo ha and get that bottom in the air afterwards ;)
  12. ^^^ I do the pillow trick every time!!!!:lol: DH thinks I am crazy, because I refuse to get out of that position for at least an hour afterwards!!!! And, we are using an OPK, they are very helpful, but I swear I am sooo sick of peeing on sticks!
  13. I know, I know:yes

    My DH used to shove 2 pillows under me and all but hold me down until we were sure it was okay to get up!:yes:

    SO sexy:graucho: LMAO!
  14. ^^ I get laughed at everytime I do this... DH thinks it is an old wives tale...
  15. I am 37, tried to get pregnant now for 1 1/2 yrs.
    Lots of tests, both my husband and I are normal.
    Went to a fertility doctor... I am afraid of the IVF, IUI, would like to try Clomid first, worked on my cousin in 2 months when she was 38.

    I was told my symptoms will be like I am PMSing.. except like 20 times worse. Is this true? Will I be very angry or hungry? Let me know.