Clock Spider Dangerous [PIC]

  1. Clock Spider Dangerous [PIC] :wtf:

    Long ago (in Internet years), someone came home to see four giant spider legs hanging out from the clock on their wall. Naturally, most people would monkey scream, and bounce into the safety of the night like a baby deer. This brave soul, however, grabbed a camera, removed the clock from the wall, and photographed the horror found beneath. Although the Huntsman spider isn't poisonous, we're fairly certain nobody could get so close to a vicious beast without losing at least a limb or two as a tasty spider snack....
  2. Wow! That is so nasty!!! Thanks for posting though!! I passed it on!
  3. OH i would JUST DIE!!!

    *heeby jeebies*
  4. Why did I look at the pictures. Spiders scare me to death. I would die right on the spot, if I had that thing in my house.
  5. Ack!!!! I'm not afraid of spiders, but I think I'd run screaming out of the house if I saw that one. Where does that species of spider come from?
  6. God, that would scare the living hell out of me.
  7. my toes curled when i looked at the photos. yeccch
  8. I made my husband click the link first to see if I could "handle" it. I am scared TO DEATH of spiders! If I EVER saw anything like that in my house, I would keel right over and die.

    My ex-best-friend bought a long vacant house on 2 acres years ago. The house and property were INFESTED with spiders. They were everywhere. In her bed, tub, sinks, all over the floors. Every shape and size. I WOULD HAVE DIEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!!! She wanted to move IMMEDIATELY. Her husband refused.
  9. Oh I would be running across the room
    giving me the willies!!
  10. AHHH!H! Gross!! I hate spiders. :sad:
  11. AHH! i dont like spiders either...
  12. ewww!!! it's got long hairs on its legs! :shocked: bleh! Most of the time, i'm more afraid of their webs than the little spiders. They make my muscles jump....
  13. I am so NOT clicking on the pic. I've got a spider on my dining room ceiling with an egg-sac, I just sprayed it and all the baby spiders ran out. Yag.
  14. Look up "camel spiders"

  15. :wtf: