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  1. I've seen them in photos and they look great on the speedy, but how on earth do you go about buying one?
  2. Just ask your SA it's a replacement part

  3. Thanks for the info! Do you know what they tend to run price wise in U.S.?
  4. I think mine was like 70?
  5. They sent me up to repairs and when I asked for it the SA came out with one and said where is your bag I'll put it on and I said it was home so she just handed it to me - no charge
  6. Mine was free last year because I stated I had a vintage alma. No questions asked they boxed it up! It's way too small for my mono speedy 40 so I don't even use it.
  7. Mine was free too. So was my red luggage tag. You just have to order it as a spare part.
  8. Mine was free but ordered as a spare part from my SA.
  9. Order as a replacement, they charged me $70 though....
  10. Seems that it is either 70 or free! Good deal
  11. Hahaha! It just depends on your relationship with your sales associate. Carrying a Louis Vuitton bag that day helps too, as does coming up with a story like "I lost my clochette for my vintage Alma and I couldn't find it so I need a new one!" would help so they think it's going on a bag that it's supposed to.
  12. does the clochette come in different sizes ?
  13. mine was 60 euros
  14. Yes depending on which bag it was originally made for

  15. If I want it to fit my SpeedyB in DE what size would that be?
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