1. Does anyone know if I can purchase a clochette from LV to attach to my speedy?
    If so does anyone know how much one is?

    Thanks in Advance :smile:
  2. Yes you can. I just got mine 2 days ago. I had to pre-order it since it is considered a spare part, but if they already have an available one in the store then you are lucky :smile: i waited for my clochette for two weeks. It costs
  3. It costs 3,200 here in the Philippines (around US $75). If you are in the US, it is definitely cheaper, maybe only $50-60
  4. great question id love to know this as well and the cost in the usa. i think it would be so cute heat stamped
  5. Can you post any pictures so I can see what it looks like . Thanks

  6. image-362432571.jpg

    Sorry for the crappy pics. I just used my Ipad to take pics :smile:
  7. it looks great!! i think i need to get one too... some place i can actually place the keys without it getting lost.. does anyone know how much it costs in australia?
  8. WoW ! I love this idea ! Thanks .. I'm on the hunt now 👜
  9. That's exactly what I want :smile: thanks so much for the share!
  10. I like that sooo much better then the luggage tag bc it's a place to store the keys :smile:. I'm going to show my DB today when I get home from work ;)
  11. Finally Got One - YaY

  12. This is not true - I paid close to $80.00 including tax.
  13. Love it! Did they have them in stock? How much was it, if you don't mind me asking.
    Congrats! Can't wait to get mine :smile:
  14. Oh, sorry. I thought it is much cheaper in the US. Maybe becuz of higher tax charges in US
  15. I asked the SA who helped me with my purchase of the mono cles and he told me to go up to the 4th floor and speak with a representative from the replacement repair department. When I got up there I told the SA I would like to order a key bell for an alma and she asked me what size alma and I said its actually for my speedy and she looked at my bag and said hold on let me go in the back and check. She returned with the item and asked if I had my keys she would put them on. I said no my keys are home because I'm afraid I would loose them. She replied ok, enjoy and just handed it to me. I was confused and asked her how much it was and she replied - Enjoy It with a smile! So it was Free :smile: best service at LV Flagship :smile:
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