Clochette or luggage tag for Speedy B??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got my dream bag, a Speedy B DE 30. My mom is also going to get a Speedy B 30 in mono! I want to surprise her and get us both hot stamped accessories. I can not decide between a clochette or a luggage tag. What do you think looks better? Thanks!
  2. I love the look of a hotstamped luggage tag.....and the look of a clochette too....Hmm.
    Maybe get them both. :smile:
  3. Clochette looks very classy! The luggage tag IMHO MIghT add more of a luggage feel
  4. Definitely clochette..... Speedy 30 isn't too much like a luggage.
  5. Clochette :smile:
  6. I think clochette :smile:
  7. I prefer the luggage tag but the smaller of the two. Congratz on your Speedy B's!:smile:
  8. Clochette for Speedy B, luggage tag for regular Speedy :biggrin:
  9. I'm sorry I'm spacing...what's a clochette?!
  10. it's the key holder you see on Alma's :p

    I have the small luggage tag for my speedy 30.
  11. Ohhhh!!! I think BOTH!! This way you can switch on and off :smile: always good to have a few choices :smile:
  12. Luggage tag!
  13. clochette!!
  14. Luggage tag