clochette cles... anyone have it?

  1. does anyone have this thing.. like how does it work?? i've always wanted to ask at the boutiques, but i get sidetracked by luggage. lol.

    this is what i'm talking about if you don't know what it is:

    it comes in monogram and damier too.. and i have no idea how it works as a cles holder. lol.
  2. i'm not sure either, but I htink you can open up the button, insert your keys in the loop and the slot is probably for credit cards....(????) I might be totally wrong about this by the
  3. I've always wondered but I think I've seen it somewhere...

    anyways..the top has an opening for Keys...and somehow they attach to straps and help you manage them...
  4. it has a key ring inside and the strap is for your hand to slip into so you can carry it. its cute!
  5. It's in monogram mat, there a key ring inside
  6. that narrow strap thingy unbottons, slips though and down comes the keyring from within. there's no other compartment for cards from memory. that's just a fold where the leather overlaps. i like the idea better than a Multicles, but the fact that it will only add more bulk to my big bunch of keys make it pointless for my personal use.