clk55girl's Violet Lambskin Jumbo Classic Flap - Pics!

  1. I resized these photos for clk55girl. Check out her gorgeous new violet jumbo classic flap - in lambskin!! :love: :heart:
    VioletFlapFront.jpg VioletFlapBack.jpg VioletFlapHang.jpg
  2. Another of her modeling the bag!
  3. clk55girl - that big is stunning! It looks great on you. :yes:
  4. That looks SO pretty! Makes me want to re-consider the violet lady braid I just purchased.

    This might be a little more versatile...I think I could only wear mine casual, with this you could wear both ways and would look good with suits. hmmmmm....

    Looks so pretty on you!!!! :love:
  5. Gorgeous! I love that color!
  6. Love it!! I just got a jumbo black lambskin and can't even consider life without it..
  7. Gorgeous
  8. Very fabulous! It looks awesome on you! Enjoy!
  9. I was NOT a Violet Fan ..BUT YOU HAVE CHANGED MY MIND..Looks wonderful:heart:
  10. I just love the violet that they are using for this season. I saw this bag at Neimans last week and almost walked out with it. It's gorgeous.:love:
  11. OMG, its soooo beautiful!:nuts:
  12. So cool! Love it!!
  13. So pretty!
  14. HOTTTTT!!! Why do I suddenly feel like I need a violet Chanel?!? :sweatdrop:
  15. Very lovely. I need big bags as I carry lots of stuff in my bag daily....

    clk55girl - May I know your height, as I'm afraid the Jumbo Flap may overwhelm my petite 5'2" physique.

    Also, would you mind letting us know the retail price of this?

    Once again, congrats on this lovely purchase - definitely a classic for life.