CLK55girl's bags **PICS**

  1. She asked me to help her out... so here are her beauties...
    chanel 001.jpg chanel 002.jpg chanel 011.jpg chanel 014.jpg chanel 015.jpg chanel 016.jpg chanel 017.jpg chanel 018.jpg chanel 019.jpg
  2. There is one missing.. I have to resize it again... I will post it... it is gorgeous
    chanel 023.jpg chanel 025.jpg chanel 026.jpg chanel 027.jpg chanel 031.jpg chanel 034.jpg
  3. OMIGosh, I love that white diamond stitch tote!

    Amazing collection!
  4. Beautiful collection! I hope to have one that large one day.
  5. Beauties indeed! Thanks for posting!
  6. sooooooooo fab!! excuse mee while i wipe the drool off my chin :]

    thx for sharing!
  7. I love her collection!! So gorgeous!!
  8. Thinking the same thing... :love:
  9. beautiful collection!
  10. CLK55, I LOVE YOUR BAGS. Holy cow, that is a lot of chanels. And I love each and everyone!
  11. Wow, those are some really HOT bags!!
  12. WOW! Love that collection!
  13. Wow - great collection!!
    clk55 - LMK if you'd like to adopt an adult daughter :smile:
  14. Thanks guys!! I have a slight chanel problem as you can see. :yes: Thanks so much to japskivt for her help posting those pics.:flowers:
  15. LOL!! tweetie.