1. Hey ladies,
    I was just thinking about this. What "cliques" were you all a part of?
    Were you a shy or outgoing person?:shrugs::tender:
  2. Well, I'm in a sorority, so I guess that's a "clique."

    Oh! And Amanda and I are in the Unrelationship Clique.
  3. i was in the "exclusive" clique in HS...we weren't "the popular kids" but apparently we were standoffish and intimidated people. really we were shy, smart and judgemental...we didn't adapt well to new people.

    i was in a sorority in college...that's the epitome of clique-ish-ness... :smile:
  4. The "hard to get" girls :supacool:

    LOL :shame: JK sort of. I dont know, I went through different cliques back in high school. Now I just hang out with my BF and family :heart:3
  5. yea kind of ...its not really a clique but just a group of girlfriends who enjoy the same thing...have things in common......the word "clique" to me sounds so "evil""mean""bad".
  6. Being extremely shy and reserved, I belong to a clique - of one :biggrin:
  7. Believe it or not, I was part of the "rebel" clique! I am proud to say that I lead the "finals walkout" at my high school in order to protest against the dress code they were trying to institute. I even got the juniors to follow us by convincing them that if they didn't they would have to deal with this their senior year.

    I'm older and wiser now, but admit that every once in a while I still rebel against the "establishment"!
  8. high school still makes me laugh...

    I went to a girls high school and it was only after I graduated that people would talk about our group as the "super group" or the "BG" (*****y girls) group.

    Really - we weren't *****y or exclusive at all. We just couldn't be bothered to hang out with the boys next door and thus never hung around any of the other girls haha.
  9. haha, yes, i am indeed a part of the small, select group that is the Unrelationship Clique. it's a blessing and a curse, i tell you!
  10. The overachievers clique.. ugh. There's always someone smarter than you.

    I guess at university I belonged to the 'multicultural clique' - it seemed like a lot of other girls gravitated towards each other so we were the group that would get the questions like "Are you all different kinds of Asian?" at the bars. Blah.
  11. No cliques for me. I was either by myself or with someone from school. I was all over the place. I never stuck to one person too long. We all hung out together for the most part.
  12. In my HS the clique I am in is probably the punkrockers,skaters,ect to everyone in my school. In my clique everyone is diffrent though. Thats what I love about it!.
  13. The band nerd clique :smile:
  14. I guess it would have been the skaters, but I was never cliquey I talked to everyone and we would always have a merging of the cliques every so often. By college I basically hung out with everyone, we were all artsy in my program which is why we all got along most likely.
  15. I wouldn't say I was part of any clique. I was something of a social misfit in high school, so I hung out with other people like myself. We were all unpopular for some reason. We were the kids that would be smoking on the corner across from the school during lunch hour if we bothered to show up for school at all. My friends and I used to skip school a lot. I did clean up my act eventually, and I actually graduated ahead of my class.