Clipping your nails at work

  1. :shocked:
  2. I used to work with someone that did this.. and not discreetly either. She would put her foot up on the desk & clipped away. :throwup:
  3. Several years ago, in the summer, I tore off part of my toenail and did not notice it until I was at work. In my office, I was clipping the nail, and a co-worker came in. I was mortified and still cringe when I think of it.
  4. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE pet peeve of mine. So disgusting especially when most office environments are open offices.

    I had a guy that sat behind me do this...fingers and toes. When I requested he do it at home or in the bathroom he called me 'stuck up' and acted like I had the problem. Please excuse the crassness...but I said 'if it's totally ok to perform bathroom behaviors at your desk don't be surprised if you walk by one day and find me changing my tampon at my desk.'

    Yeah, he never stopped. Thank god I don't work there anymore.
  5. I think this is only okay if you have a hangnail or broken nail (and ideally you'll go to the ladies' room to take care of it). Otherwise, no bueno!
  6. ^^^^one nail is very different from a full mani-pedi...we all occasionally break a nail. Generally people keep a discreet emery board in their desk for those moments. 2 seconds and a couple passes of he board and it's back to business.
  7. Wow people do that at work :wtf: that's really gross. Please do that at home not in a public place!
  8. Absolutely disgusting!
    I saw someone on the train doing this one time and nearly got sick!

    Some people need to learn basic manners
  9. It's amazing isn't it? It's something that would never occur to me to do anywhere but at home in the bathroom - yet all these people do it at work.
  10. I had two coworkers who would clip their nails all the time. It seriously drove me crazy. Sooo nasty and the noise. Uggh.
  11. I used to work with a guy who chewed tobacco and constantly spit in a cup (including when we were stuck in a car with him). We were county appraisers so we often worked in pairs. One day, we were in the office and he took off his shoes, put his feet up on the desk and started clipping away.
  12. :wtf:
  13. We had a guy in our office do this and one lady was so annoyed she told his boss. I think it's tacky to do personal hygiene in the office.
  14. That's just gross. Now if someone breaks/pulls/gets a messed up nail and is preventing further trouble and pain, well, not an issue. Well, still kinda gross, but not so annoying. Repeated nail clipping would be annoying AND gross.
  15. I worked with a woman who did it almost every week and everytime she did I would send an email asking her politely to stop. She'd always respond with a comment about how shocked she was that I could hear it. Mind you our desks were no more than 10 feet apart. She also ate sunflower seeds(noisy), corn nuts and cucumber (stinky) for 5 years after she knew the smell made me nauseous. Some people just don't care I guess. Mind you eating ay our desks was against company policy.