clipping your keys on to D-rings in purse?

  1. What do you all use to clip your keys to the d-rings put in the purses? Is there one way you prefer over the other? I've tried using it, but I can't determine a method that I like! LOL - it shouldn't be that difficult!
  2. I have the woman's trigger snap keyfob, works perfectly
  3. or...the non-coach-way...a basic carabiner works too

  4. I use either my trigger snap key fob in silver or I buy those little lobster claw clips off of eBay.
  5. Good ideas ladies. I love my current key ring - but it doesn't have a clip on it. I like the idea of the carabiner or just buying little lobster claw clips to add to it. I have the same one court has, but, you know, it's just not as cute as the one I use! LOL
  6. I agree, it's not that cute, coach needs to make a cute one!

    what are these lobster claw clips you guys are talking about?
  7. like these?

    and then you just put them on your reg keychain?
  8. Court, yes, the smaller ones. I use them for my keys or when I want to make a key fob into a charm. They are quite handy! ETA: Here's a pic of my horseshoe with a lobster claw attached. Sorry it's blurry but you get the idea...

  9. I have the coach keychain that is made for it, but I never use it for that because it's too hard to get on and off the ring. Maybe if the ring was bigger and the clip easier to use...
  10. You can also buy a retractable key clip at most hardware stores -- it attaches to the ring and you clip your keys to a line on a spool that pulls out and retracts. Some people use them for ID badges too that you clip to your belt loop, etc.
  11. What great ideas, ladies! I was just wondering about this myself!
  12. I have an extra trigger/snap clip attached to a key ring, which then can be clipped to the d-ring. (purchased from eBay), which I only use occasionally. I normally put keys on me. Coach does not offer extra trigger/snap clips. But it would be nice if they did because they have the nice small ones which are hard to find unless ordered in bulk (like 1,000's).

    But . . . Brahmin used to, I don't if they still do, sewed the snap clip to the inside of the bag, which is more useful and convenient.
  13. i clip my wristlet to the D-ring and then while its open just clip on my keys to it.
  14. I was thinking the same thing - why isn't the clip in the bag instead of just a ring?? Makes so much more sense.
  15. I tried that and it just doesn't work for me. I can never get in and out of it easy enough.