Clipper Chrono Watch

  1. Hi everyone.... What can you say about these watches. I just saw this at Hermes online. I don't if it is worth buying. I am also thinking of the H-Our watch.
  2. I love the clipper watch. It's so sporty, and the colored bands are fun. I don't own one, but I have seen one up close at H. The H-our watch is pretty, too. I'd love one in all stainless steel :love:
  3. I´m not into sporty watches
  4. The clasp for opening and closing the watch around your wrist is very stiff and, I think, unsuitable for its supposed occupation i.e diving. It could of course just have been the models in the shop but me and the SA struggled for ages with it. It is however extremely light considering the movement inside and its depth of its water resistance.
  5. Looks great online but I'd want to play with them in the store for sure.
  6. I LOVE THE CAPE COD WATCH :heart::heart::heart:
  7. I love mine!! It's not a colored band, but I think it's more versatile.
    I get so many compliments from men and women(mine is men's size), and it is not hard on my wrist at all!

  8. Wintotty- Yes...It's nice! Now it's hard to decide what to buy, actually, I love both, the H-our & clipper. But of course, I can only buy 1 watch this time. Do you have any idea how much is the H-our with croc skin? & do they have it in GH & brown croc skin?
  9. wintotty : gorgeous!
  10. It's cute, but I'd choose the H-Our over it any day.