Clip on Hair Extensions

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  1. Does anyone own some? how do they work? whats the best brand? how much do they go for? should i get some off of eBay? I have short hair but i want long hair.. I would buy the real hair ones clip on.. Are they good? Thanks
  2. There are tons of threads with a lot of helpful information.
  3. where?
  4. i have them... in bahrain we dont have a brand you jsut buy them from the salon.. i have 2 peices.., both real hair.. and i clip one under the crown and one peince under that one..

    i have 2 as one is for fullness the other for length- you basically clip them into your hair.. they dont budge you can wear them all the time ( i usally wear them on weekends or for specail events) but i have friends that wear them alll the time..

    mine cost me about 120 USD each

    hope tht helps
  5. I have some I forgot the name its a bunch of little pieces and large ones but you clip it throughout your hair (towards the bottom) and you clip it towards your scalp and you really can't feel it. They really work great but they can be expensive! I think jessica simpson has a brand out there that she made with her hair dresser. You can flat iron them, curl it or even dye it your hair color if its a little off :yes:
  6. try

    I know the lady that owns it. It's all 100% natural hair so you can wash it, and curl it with curling irons and everything.
  7. i bought some from the local market and sewed the clips on myself. I've curled them, washed them, straightened them and dyed them and they're still in really god condition, i use them about 4 times a month and i've had them since last september.
    they were a bargain at £25 too!
  8. Trade Secret in the US has Jessica Simpson's line... I saw them while purchasing products last week. If you want to be sure to get a good match, you could go there instead of on-line ordering. Good luck!
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