clip in hair extensions

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  1. where to go to find good ones? online or in new jersey?

    i'm in the philippines right now and if anyone knows where i can find them here, please let me know!!

    TIA :smile:
  2. I've heard good things about Jessica Simpsons clip in hair extensions that can be purchased from the Home Shopping Network
  3. thanks, pisda! i'm going to look into that

    I bought the (POP) put on pieces from some place down in Dallas. The site lists all the places that sell them.
  5. I actually bought one of her is suppose to come in today...I think I might post and before/after since no one has before.
  6. The Jessica Simpson ones are a rip off. I bought mine off eBay for under $100, human hair 18", which is about mid back. Go for 22 inch if you want waist length.
  7. But there are tons of human clip in hair on eBay. How do you pick the right one? Is there a specific brand to look out for? I was thinking about JS ones but after reading your comments I'm a bit skeptical.

  8. I bought the Jessica Simpson human hair ones and I really like them. I do suggest going somewhere to have them match up your color. I'm a brunette and there are a few different shades. If you will tell me how to upload a pic I will post one of them in and out.

  9. Go to a beauty supply (a good hair store, not Sallys!) and ask them to match you up to a color number. You can also ask if they have clips ins for sale or the stuff to make them. Or you can just get matched up and buy a set already made. No specific brands really on ebay, most are hair stylists making them at home. I think I remember seeing a site to buy them on another forum, let me look around for it.

    The only reason I say the JS one is such a rip off is because of how much they want for the human hair. Don't waste your money on synthetic. Human hair you can wash and style and styling is key to making them blend perfectly. The synthetic ones get matted eventually and you can't wash it so often, so if you hit a club, it'll hold that bar smell. Ick. You can even color human hair ones if you need to!!

  10. Completely agree! I paid $350.00 and if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't. I really like them, but they are a bit expensive for what you are getting.
  11. Actually the Jessica Simpson ones are the EXACT same as the hairuwear ones. Her name just drives the ptrice uo, but the systems, the colors...exactly the same.
  12. This may be a dumb question, but can you do a messy updo with the extensions (clip-ins?????)
  13. Thank you latinrose222 for all the precious informaion u have provided. I'll check out the link. :smile:
  14. I saw that the Jessica Simpson hair extentions are also now available at!
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