Clinton Kelly Remodels his Home

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  1. Did anyone watch this on TLC?

    I loved what he did with that house. The master bath is to die for - I think I could easily live in there - and I really liked the living/dining room.

    These shows make me want to re-decorate my condo but I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  2. Oooh I love Clinton Kelly :heart::yes:
    He's so cute.
  3. I saw it too! That bathroom was that view over the sink! The best part was seeing his dad drive up on the Harley!
  4. I've got to see this! Blanking out...what channel would that be on?

  5. it was on TLC the other night.

    I love Clinton..alittle more than Stacey if I don't say so myself. I can't believe she's getting her own tv show..while Clinton gets nothing but him remodeling his house. I'm sorry but Clinton has WAY more personality than Stacey. He's always been funnier on What Not To Wear while Stacey kinda laughs/chuckles her way out of things...:push:
  6. I watched this last night! That master bath was so beautiful. I like that overflow sink that his dad designed. I just love Clinton, he has a great sense of humor, I think!
  7. they're not stopping what not to wear are they? i loove that show!
  8. Does ANYONE know where I can find the amazing area rug Clinton uses in his living area?:ty:
  9. I like him too, but I hated that he was painting the antler chandelier black. I think that was when I went to bed.