Clinique questions

  1. For all those Clinique experts out there, I have some questions.

    I've been happily using the three-step system for a few months now, and have been getting some nice free samples when buying new products: superdefence moisturizer is one of them, the other I cannot remember.

    But the instructions on one say that you have to use it AFTER the ddml, and not instead. Is that correct? :confused1: I thought one type of moisturizer on my face would be enough. Is this some clever marketing trick or does it really work better when using both moisturizers?

    Also, do you guys have any Clinique products you'd recommend? I have skin type 2-3 and am almost 30 years old.
  2. Hmmm, not sure about that one. I would recommend calling your local Clinique counter or maybe there is some information that will answer your question on their website?? Sorry this isn't much help!
  3. I was told by a sales assitant to use the superdefence over the ddml and personally i think it is a way to get you to spend more. You can use a normal SPF and it will do the same thing.

    As you are nearly 30, i would recommend you move away from using such a simple lotion and start using ones with more preventative ingredients in like lancome primidorle (im sorry, i have no idea how to spell it.) I think our age skin needs a little bit more than just plain hydration. And you get get all of it from one cream, not layering loads on top of eachother. I think that is only worth it if using something specific like a serum.
  4. I'm a former Clinique consultant and yes, it is recommended to first apply the ddl first. After the clarifying lotion, the ddl does prep the skin and helps it absorb and retain the moisterizer better.
    Do a 3-Step test on one hand with the ddl and on the other without the ddl and compare.
    Honestly, I would recommend looking into other brands other than Clinique. I worked in the cosmetics industry as a makeup artist and as a beauty advisor for years and found that although Clinique is a great product, there are others out there who's quality and performance that I prefer. AsPrincessGina stated above, sales people want to sell and an SPF will suffice.
    She's correct in looking into other brands with specific ingredients: DMAE works great.
    Maybe look into Shiseido or even Oil of Olay.
    I personally use skin care products from my local health food store.
  5. Hmm.. well, seems like you've already got a good answer from previous posters! I don't have any professional opinion to add, just the fact that I use Superdefence everyday without ddml and it works just swell!
  6. Thanks for all the great answers!

    I was kind of ignoring the fact that I am getting older, but it's a good idea to look into some other products. I had no idea that I would already need wrinkle-prevention stuff. Guess I'll have to do a bit of research and shopping.
  7. Are you european ?
    I am the same age as you and I was also recommended Superdefense to every Clinique counter I went, when I asked for something like Repairwear, the SA said "no way you don't have wrinkles yet" but I have been influenced by this forum and went to buy it anyways !!
    I have noticed US PFers tend to start anti aging products wayyy earlier. I don't know what 's right, but I know the most important is to prevent and moisturize.
    BTW I would also recommend to go to other brands.
    Good luck !
  8. Sunscreen is the key, Ladies!!!!!!:heart:
    Use it even on overcast days.
  9. Yes, I'm European. Maybe that why I thought I'd only need anti aging starting at 40. But I have some very fine lines around my eyes already.

    I'll keep the good advice in mind, and always wear sunscreen from now on. Even when the sun does not shine.