Clinique products for men? I bought my BF some of these for X-Mas

  1. I bought my boyfriend some Clinique products for X-Mas. Year after year X-Mas is a NIGHTMARE because he doesn't like anything! (I mean in general, he doesn't want or like anything but absolutely appreciates what he gets)

    So I thought about things like nice skin products for guys. And I figured why get him lotions and all that if he doesn't use them because he doesn't like them? What would getting him a certain thing just because it's nice make him like the idea?

    So, he shaves... and I figured Clinique for men, their shaving things, like the lather, after shave, and some kind of toner. Do you think a man would appreciate this? He just uses probably Gillette or something, nothing fancy. Clinique is nice though, something a little different from what he uses, right?

    Your guess is honestly as good as mine... he is so hard to shop for.

    Do you find this boring? This isn't all, I have NO idea what else still, but this isn't all. I just want to make sure it's not a total bore...
  2. I don't think it is boring. However, I think it depends on the guy. For example, the guy I am w/ would be fine w/ it, but my dad would think it is "girl stuff" because the company makes make up that my mom wears. If you are with a guy that would appreciate the idea of being pampered a bit more, so to say, I think it is a nice idea.
  3. Adore--I bought all of the Clinique Men's stuff last year for DH! He really loved the idea and ever since, has not returned to "gillette" or any of the other typical men's grooming essentials. He's even been browsing in sephora in the men's section and trying all sorts of stuff. I thinkg it's a wonderful idea and a great way to introduce guys to better ways to do the things they do anyway...kwim?
  4. Depends on the guy. My brother would make do with Clinique products and the like, doesn't care about the brand as long as it delivers. My husband would absolutely hate anything cosmetic, my dad seemed to use only products from L'Occitane because he says that's the only brand that makes skincare smell manly. My dad's brother is fine with L'Occitane too, and travel shower kits from H2O. Both my dad and uncle will not use Clinique.
  5. It's a good choice of gift. For myself, I don't really care what brand it is. It's still skin care!
  6. My Dh uses the aloe shave lotion and the M lotion spf21 . he likes it and got into it because he saw all my clinique stuff and felt left out i think!
  7. Ya know I went thru LaMer, Sisley, & Darphin only to realize that Clinique has great stuff. I now can buy alot more stuff since the line is so reasonable. I think he will love the stuff you got him as long as he isnt one of those guys that is always rushing around cause it is gonna take a bit more time to apply etc.
  8. When I worked at the Cliniques counter they loved the Products for men. I think he will like it. If he doesn't, they are really good on their return policy. Keep your receipt and they will take it back.

    Happy Holidays.
  9. My dad uses Clinique's line for men, including the perfume, and loves it!
  10. Good to know - I've been debating on getting better skincare products for DH, but he's soo picky and even though he's not even 40, he's very very old school/old man-ish. He still likes electra-shave and old spice!

    If it's manly smelling, he'll be okay with it!
  11. Look into Anthony for Men too.
  12. I bought my DH clinique skin care for Christmas 2 years and go he didnt like it at all, I dont like clinique for me either so I didnt blame him, LoL
    He has been using my Dermalogica and he likes it alot but this Christmas I got him an Anthony kit, Mainly the shaving stuff. I hope he likes it =) The SA at Sephoria recommended it to me for him.
  13. I got my boyfriend Giorgio Armani shaving cream / cologne / deodorant and he does NOT use the shaving cream and after shave. He says it smells good but doesn't deliver like good ol' shaving cream! What a waste, haha. :smile:

    I also tried to get him some nice shampoo like American Crew but he just ended up using whatever I was using after he ran out. LOL.

    Well I guess it's okay to be choosy... because us girls are like that too with EVERYTHING (ie - haircare, skincare, cosmetics, fashion.)
  14. Hell love it! My Dad uses the Clinique shaving cream and he is so not a product person- but he really loves it. i bought it for him for xmas one year and he has been hooked ever since. I think its a great gift because its a little luxury- something he probably wouldnt buy for himself for the first try, but that he would appreciate getting as a gift so that he can pamper himself a little bit too. i do think that guys can be jealous of all the different products girls get to choose from!
  15. my BF loves anthony logistics and Zurh collections for men. ive tried to get him to try out clinique, but hes convinced its too girly :smile: he also likes the fact that anthony donates proceeds to prostate cancer, an extremely underfunded cause that affects many men and is more deadly than breast cancer