Clinique or La Mer?

  1. I've heard so much about La Mer but it's so expensive. I would buy it if it's really that good though! I expect my skin to glow and for some minor pimple scars to fade.

    I'm also considering buying Clinique's 3-step kit . Now I use LUSH's Angels on Bare Skin (which I really like).

    30ml Creme de la mer = 123 euros
    Clinique's large 3-step set = approx 60 euro

    Which one would you buy, if you were me?
  2. There is no comparison between the two. LM all the way!!!!!!!
  3. hi obeeone,

    is la mer that good? i've heard so many conflicting reports about it that i'm just not sure!

    for background purposes, i'm 21 and asian with quite good skin but with uneven skintone. i'm not sure what my skin type is, it's quite dry now in the netherlands .

    another thing is, i read that it is possible to use la mer as an eye cream as well,right?

  4. Can you get a free sample of it at your dept. store. Around here, the sales girls are only TOO happy to hook you on yet another expensive cosmetic product. I've never cared for Clinique.
  5. I have no personal opinion about La Mer, never used it, but Clinique is crap. Seriously, don't buy into it!
  6. I tried asking for a sample but the lady said la mer doesn't give them samples to give away :sad: maybe i should try amsterdam instead but i'm only going there on the 7th and that's still ages away!
  7. They can make one for you in a little sample jar. Tell her to make one for you.
  8. I definitely dont reccomend Clinique! dunno about La Mer though..but Clinique is a big no no...
    Ive tried them once, and I just get pimples!so i stopped immidiately
  9. i agree, best to get samples of both first before buying...although, for la mer, i'd buy the lotion over the cream, unless your skin is very dry.
  10. Used Clinique 3-step program many years ago & gotta say that I don't like it at all. I use CDLM 'cos I have very dehydrated skin & am in my late 30's. I don't think it's necessarily what you're looking for, though. It's a recommended moisturiser for dry skin. If you're 21 & have uneven skin tone it's not the product I'd recommend. Perhaps try an gentle AHA product to combat uneven skintone? We have Alpha H here in Oz but I'm sure you can find similar such as Neostrata or even Paula's Choice. You just need to use a good basic moisturiser over the top (about 1/2 hr later).
  11. la mer all the way.... clinique is crap... it does not do anything good to your skin.
  12. Clinique is HORRIBLE!!!! I was using it a couple of years ago and my face was a mess!!! I still have breakouts and it's soooo annoying! I just turned 30 and was wondering if La Mer has a line for acne prone skin??!! sooo oily, yet soooo darn sensitive.

    I would definitely go for La Mer over Clinique!
  13. I have to concur about Clinique's 3 step system.. I bought it to try 2 weeks ago & I stopped after 2 days... The yellow moisturizing lotion clogged my pores & the clarifying lotion burnt my freakin face off! It's almost pure alcohol, way too harsh! I bought the #2 system which was recommended for my skin type.... Now it has a special place in my bottom drawer until I throw it all out.
  14. If you are relatively young, under 30, then I wouldn't recommend La Mer. It is a very heavy cream. They do have one for oily skin though. I can't comment on clinique as I have never tried it. If you have uneven tone to your skin, then how about a lightning product?
  15. It really depends on your skin type. I have tried both and they're really the opposite ends of the spectrum. La Mer is like putting lard on your face - it is thick and it completely clogged my pores. Clinique's three step totally dried out my face, the soap sucks every bit of natural moisture out while removing dirt.

    I've tried a lot of different products and finally realized that just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it is any good. I wouldn't waste a penny on La Mer anymore, but that is just me.

    If the La Mer lady won't give you a free sample - don't be pressured into buying it to see if you like it. That's terrible service. I have gotten lots of free samples and any company that is going to stand behind their product should allow you to TRY it first.

    Today, all I use to clean my face is simple Lever 2000 soap. I moisturize with a Lancome or Keihl's moisturizer and a drop of Vitamin E oil. That's all. My skin has never looked better.

    Keep it SIMPLE! That's my advice.