Clinique or Estee Lauder ?

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  1. For a 28 yo, combination & sensitive skin......? Which of the 2 brands would you recommend , and any specific products ?
    Thanks !!!!

    -BTW I tried the 3 steps program and it was too harsh for my skin. -
  2. I have tried both...I think when I was 28 I was mostly using Estee Lauder. At the time they had a very nice facial soap!
    Re: Clinique, the 3-step program has I think 3 or 4 "strengths". Did you use the mild products?
  3. im using the clinque 3 step but i use my own mostiruser. i likeit. i think it works quite well

    i use the mild one too

  4. Yes I used the mild number 2, after 2 months of use ended up giving it to a friend.
  5. i'd go with lancome then.
    they havea nice gel face cream for day, called fusion and its perfect for combo skin.
    I too found that the 3 step from clinque harsh for winter /fall months but found it to be ok for summer, but did find that their yellow day cream is good for winter when i'm drier.
    I do like the 7 day scrub though.

    I think you're going to find that you'll be mixing and matching your routine. There is no reason wny you have to stick with one brand, use what you feel works best for you.
  6. Clinique.
  7. Estee Lauder gets my vote!:yes:
  8. I love Clinique-- I am obsessed with it! Estee Lauder breaks my skin out. :wtf:
  9. Estee Lauder makes a line for very sensitive skin called Verite, it has no dyes or perfumes, it's really nice for sensitive skin. I hate Clinique, I think the clairifying lotion has too much alcohol, the cleansers are drying, and that yellow lotion is just awful.