Clinique Macy's GWP $100 Value April 16th

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  1. I received a phone call yesterday from my local Macy's that said on April 16th, they are having a special Gift with purchase of $21.50, and the value is over $100?! Anyone else get this call? Or have any info? Is this different than the regular Bonus time? I don't think the Bonus time gifts were ever worth $100!
  2. I did a pre-sale for this - I believe you can see it on the Macy's homepage. It's a pretty nice gift.
  3. Is this the one you saw?

  4. wow, thanks! i love these goodies even though i rarely use them :smile:
  5. Is it online too?
  6. It is online, and I believe it already started.
  7. FYI-Macys online states that this gift has a $50 value.

  8. The one that is avaialble online is only a $50 value. The one I got a call about is supposed to be a $100 value and is only for that day in stores from what I understood.
  9. I just checked, it is on macy' under beauty.. the value is $50.00
  10. Thanks for the info. :smile: I guess I know what I'll be doing on the 16th!
  11. ok I called to get clarification from the Macy's rep at the Clinique counter. The one online and pic posted above IS the one I got the call about, and the only GWP going on right now or anytime in the next month at Macy's.. when I asked about the $100 value...she said "it's such a wonderful gift that it's to us like a $100 value, but it's actually a $50 retail value". It starts the 16th in stores but you can get it online now! Have fun!