CLINIQUE cream shaper eyeliner for eyes!

  1. I'm interested in trying some of the thick eyeliners by Clinique either in egyptian, chocolate lustre, or black diamond. Just wondering if anyone here already uses these liners and can give me a review. Thanks!
  2. I have not used it. But my Friend love it and gives it Two thumbs up.
  3. i have both the black diamond and chocolate luster, they're okay. i loved them until i found the urban decay 24/7 liners, they're much smoother and creamier. plus, they stay on until you take it off. the clinique liners aren't thick, they're a regular size pencil.
  4. ^^Oh I thought they were closer to the Sue Devitt crayon?
  5. nope, they're the same size as a regular pencil. i just checked out their website and i think the picture's misleading...
  6. I have the egyptian which is a beautiful gold shot khaki/green. I love it but as the other member said they're not like the Sue Devitt eye intensifiers - they're just a regular pencil size.

    I also have the Sue Devitt intensifiers and I love them!! There aren't many stockist of the Sue Devitt range in the UK - only QVC at the moment.
  7. i have the black diamond and i like it enough but one gal pal loves it and swears by it!
  8. I have chocolate lustre which I like for everyday. I also bought one of the limited edition eyeliners, which comes with a different color on each end. I got the mink/sable.

    Cream eyeliners go on smooth but, I wish they had more staying power and more intense color. I would rate them as okay. I'm actually going to try one of the urban decay 24/7 liners because I keep hearing about them.
  9. ^^Gotcha.
  10. I just ordered a dark brown and a black Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner. I should be getting it before the end of the week. I'll let you know how it compares to the Clinique cream shaper eyeliner.
  11. Urban decay 24/7 liners are definitely are similiar but better than Clinique cream shaper eyeliner. I got Zero and Bourbon. Bourbon is similar to Clinique's Chocolate Lustre.
  12. I have all 3 and love them, what colour eyes do you have? These are the best pencil eyeliners I have, better than MACs imo. My fav shade is egyptian for a day look :smile:
  13. ^^I have light brown.