1. Free Shipping
    Free trial Happy
    Free trial Happy for Men
    Free Clinique Cell Phone Mirror
    with any purchase using SHSH as code
    Aug 15th & 16th only
  2. It says a min $40 purchase is required...
  3. The $40 purchase is require without the code.. I just ordered $39.77 after taxes and got all the items... I will try and paste my order below..

    Kohl Shaper For Eyes .04 oz./1.2 g
    Wrapped Happy Vial 1 ml
    Clinique Cell Phone Mirror
    Wrapped Happy for Men Vial 1 ml
    Liquid Facial Soap Sample - Extra Mild 15ml
    NEW Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio .1 oz/3.1 g

    Subtotal $37.00
    Sales Tax - $2.77
    Shipping - $0.00

    Grand Total: $39.77
  4. does anyone know if its true that once you order from they ship you free stuff based on what you ordered?
  5. ???????????
    I have never ordered from

    I'm not sure I understand your question.

    DO you mean after you have placed an order then the next time you order they add free things to your basket?
  6. they give you freebees in your order, but no, they don't just send you random stuff.
  7. Thanks for the code! There's no minimum required if you use the code, but unfortunately they're out of the Happy sample vials for women.