Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System

  1. anyoe use it? you know the soap toner mostiruzer? i jsut bought a lil travel pack to try it out it seems ok
  2. I swear by it. I just wish they hadn't changed the moistureizer to a pump, I liked the twist top better.
  3. It was too aggressive for my skin, it couldn´t take it. So I had to give it away to a friend who was super happy.....not me though, it was the full set of big bottles rather expensive here:cursing: .
    So if your skin is sensitive, be carefull....
  4. I love it ! I find that I change it up a little in the summer though, and only moisterize every other day otherwise it's too heavy.
  5. My skin is super-sensitive, so it was way too harsh for me. I know people who love it though, so I guess it all depends on your skin type.
  6. I tried that system when I was in high school and it broke me out so badly it took a month to recover from. I now swear by the proactiv renewing cleanser and chanel serums and moisturizers. Chanel is the ONLY brand that does not break me out.
  7. I use the moisturizer & the soap bar, I love it =D
  8. I'm thinking about trying the moisturizer as a website I frequent recommended it. However cleaning my face is the only place I generally use drug store brands. They work best for my face. I'm an odd gal. I can only wash my face once a day because if I do it twice a day, my face gets all dry and nasty. During the winter I use moisturizeer 2xs a day though too keep it thoroughly quenched.
  9. I have used it on and off since I was in junior high school -- 30 years or so.

    I get bored with products and don't ever use the same thing for long enough to finish the second or third bottle that I buy after I decided that THIS IS IT, but this is one of the good ones that has stayed in the rotation long term.
  10. I love their 1-2-3 system. I have level 3 for oily skin and it has REALLY helped clear my skin up. I still get the occasional pimple around my period time, but other than that, clean and clear! :smile:
  11. the soap is way too harsh for my skin, made my skin look blotchy. i don't find any improvement, instead it worsen my skin condition. i will never use it ever again.
  12. I used it for years....but switched this year to Murad environmental shield products. My face got WAY to much sun when I was little..figured it was time to start doing a better job of getting rid of and protecting from sun damage.
  13. Its great but only if the asst has sold the customer the right products. So many girls get sold the wrong number lotion and end up never using the products again because it can feel harsh. The point of the lotion is that you must get a tingle after using it ( it exfoliates the skin with every use) so when you stop getting the tingle after maybe a year or so you then use the next number up.
  14. I found it too drying for my skin & the moisturizer wasn't moisturizing enough. It didn't work for me.
  15. WOW. thanks guys""" am happy so far, will let you guys know if anythign breaks out