Clinic Consultation Tour in Gangnam

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
    Hi there~!
    I would like to share my experience of clinic consultation tour in Gangnam area.
    For a few weeks I've consulted eye, nose, facial contouring and skin with my friend in 7 different clinics.
    I visited Wonjin, Regen, Cinderella, View, Korea and Top Class. All are located in Gangnam or Shinnonhyun station.
    This is my personal experience, so even if you don't like my story, don't blame me so much :smile:

    First, Wonjin.
    As we know, Wonjin is a famous and popular place to foreigners so I had expected a lot before visit here and some points were good but some were disappointed.
    Pros : They have very good translator (almost native speaker) and every staff was very kind. Doctor gave us detailed consultation.
    Cons : I don't like their atmosphere in waiting desk. I felt like little bit messy and loud. Not quiet place. Overall not bad but not impressive as well. I understand Wonjin is big place, but nothing special. I was treated as a normal patient.

    Second, Regen.
    I was little bit shocked that Regen uses whole building like an university hospital. Before I decided to visit there, I didn't know any information about Regen. So, I also didn't expect a lot, but their service was pretty good.
    Pros : Nice staffs, good translator, comfortable atmosphere, not messy in lobby. Reasonable price. Detail doctor consultation. I felt like having "hotel service" at this place.
    Cons : Hmm... nope. Overall, everything of this place was good.

    Third, Cinderella
    Disappointed. Nothing special and the translator was suck. I even didn't want to have doctor consultation. I went out here just after coordinator consultation. I felt valueless.
    Pros : If you like K-pop, you will like this place. They decorate k-pop photo in everywhere. Honestly, I don't have any comment about this place.
    Cons : The translator was really noisy and added so much unnecessary comments. Coordinator was not kind and they look like focusing on only money.

    Forth, View
    One of the best place in visited clinics. They took our photo before consultation(Other places don't).
    Pros : Very kind staffs and satisfactory doctor consultation; very detail, kind and communicative. The doctor explained everything about surgery and medical information even though the consultation time became longer. Price is also reasonable, calm down atmosphere and great translator(she was not like native speaker but no problem to communicate). Great experience. I was fully satisfied.
    Cons : Nothing. Everything is good and I would like to recommend.

    Fifth, Korea
    Korea PS, I felt little bit complicated when I stepped in this clinic because they obviously target to Chinese patients. I saw a big Chinese flag on the desk and lobby and uniform of staffs is red. I'm not a sensitive person so I wasn't uncomfortable about it but I felt like they focus on Chinese patients only.
    Pros : Clean-feeling interior, kind staffs and coordinator. Doctor consultation was not bad, but that was normal. Not special.
    Cons : They don't have English coordinator.(They should have English coordinator because a lot of patients from western countries)

    Sixth, Top Class
    Top Class is one of the best like View and DA. Very luxurious atmosphere, fresh feeling(I think they use a diffuser), detail consultation and kind staffs.
    Pros : Calm and tranquil interior and atmosphere(I personally like it). Reasonable price, laptop in lobby for waiting people. Detail and kind consultation. Professional coordinator.
    Cons : They don't have English translator. Except this, of the best of place with View.

    Seventh, DAPRS
    The last visited place DAPRS is also great place like View and Top Class. I heard of Dr. Lee is famous for facial contouring before went to this clinic and I met him, so I expected a lot.
    Pros : Wide and luxurious interior. They have the biggest lobby comparing with other clinics. The beige uniform staffs are very kind and doctor consultation was really detailed. Everything was good especially professional atmosphere(I can't explain it exactly but I feel like more "smart clinic" than others during consultation) In my opinion, I pick DAPRS out of 7 clinics.
    Cons : Nothing. Very satisfactory consultation.

    Okay, that's it.
    If you have any question about my experience, welcome to reply :smile:
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing your experiences. :smile:
  3. Yes thank you for sharing!

    Do you speak Korean or Chinese? How did you acquire the reasonable price quotes? Were you able to bargain? With which way did you bargain? Can you provide more specific prices? What time of the year did you visit the clincs? High or low season?

    Thank you! :smile:
  4. Hello Gantz!

    I speak Japanese, English little bit Korean.
    I visited the 7 clinics from last month to last week. I guess now is high season of PS.
    And the "reasonable price" means comparing with Japanese price and American price. Some place cut the price by their "Summer Special"
    Price may differ in every person because all patients have customized surgery based on diagnosis.

    In my case,
    eye - average 2,000,000\ (incision)
    nose - average 3,500,000\ (high nasal bridge and tip reduction)
    facial contouring - average 6,000,000\ (every clinic gives little bit different diagnosis so facial contouring price may not be the same as other people)
    skin care - under 500,000\ (my troubles are pores & blemishes, and if I get at least 3 times treatment)

    Again, the price will be different as examination.
    Actually, each 7 clinic gave me little bit different diagnosis (I mean "different" not "incorrect")
    So, you can measure the exact price by your diagnosis.
    Thank you for reply :smile:
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  5. ive also been to almost the same clinics as you! and i can agree with most of your reviews
    DA and top class are on top of my list too but im an english speaker and i really wanted accurate translation for my consultation, because i dont want any misunderstand or confusion since ps is pretty serious. :/
    If i had to choose between the 2 clinic i would say DA because i was quite impressed with the how much they focused on being able to assist an eng speaking custmer whereas topclass kinda disappointed me in that aspect.
    Just my personal opinion.
  6. what do you think of dr lee after you met him? since you have been to many clinics did DA really stand out for facial contouring? whats your opinion on the eng translator do i need to worry about that?
    i want to do facial contouring so considering DA since he is well known for it :smile:
  7. wow tthanks for the detailed review
    that really helps, i plan to go to korea next month so i will definitely visit these clinics.
    i heard alot of great things about DA, Veiw and topclass
  8. Hi carlabell, I'm so glad to hear my thread is helpful to you!
    Yeah, definitely DA, View and Top Class are the most famous and popular places in Gangnam.
  9. In my point of view, I emphasize on the overall atmosphere of clinic such as interior, kindness, mood, scent... etc.
    So I love DA's luxurious atmosphere and I also heard that DA is a kinda special place for facial contouring.
    You should consult there firstly.

    Anyway, Dr. Lee was really professional to consult and very kind.
    Some doctors that I consulted with are little bit stiff to treat me, but he was good.
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  10. Absolutely love this thread! Thanks lemon90! I had a great time at View and got the results I want. The place may not be the cleanest but their 3 consultants are angels. I miss them a lot. But you've just confirmed my choice of clinic for my zygoma end of this year - DAPRS. That's the one I'm going to. I'll still visit View for a follow-up on the same trip though.
  11. #11 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    Hi oreocream!
    I'm so glad to hear you had great result at View, and I totally agree that you choose DAPRS for zygoma surgery.
    As I mentioned, I heard that Dr. Lee has reputation about facial bone and I'm also thinking DAPRS for my facial contouring.

    Thank you for admiring my thread :smile:
  12. Τhank you so much for answering!

    But 6m krw for facial contouring is awesome, that's local price! Which surgeries exactly interest you for facial contouring? I am gettin gc as well!^^
  13. yes the english communication is really important..heheh we dont want any misunderstanding !:amazed:
  14. thankyou for sharing! great review :smile: have you decided on the clinic? and what surgery are you getting done?
    there are so many clinics in korea im confused hehe
  15. @oreocream I met a Caucasian guy on Monday who had his zygoma reduction by Dr Lee at DA and was there for follow up so I got to see his cheeks, feel them and see his photos beforehand and his CT photos on his phone. He truly recommends Dr Lee at DAPRS. I think if I were brave enough to undergo this, I would also choose Dr Lee.

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